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Author Topic: PAIN IS RESISTANCE TO THE LIGHT  (Read 3119 times)
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« on: July 31, 2010, 12:06:34 PM »

PAIN is resistance to the LIGHT
20 May 2010 - 9:11pm |  Ashantee

Yes, it is all very well to be aware of having Ascension symptoms or Lightbody distortions when really what is it; but resistance to allowing ourselves to come to the next level of LIGHT!!!

When we resist, and we may not consciously think we are resisting, and Ahhhh (breathe out)..... there is the rub, our subconscious is holding onto the dark places where we are unable to allow ourselves to be fully in the LIGHT.

Why may you ask do we do that?

Our cells hold all memory from distant times and we remember that we have moved through this process many times before.  It may have been a painful experience, and so we go into the fear of believeing that it will be so again.   The body memory kicks in again to fear.

So is thinking that Ascensions or Lightbody symptoms exist, is this just another way where we can blame an outside force that is making something happen outside of ourselves and thereby choosing to be in victim consciousness.

Breathe into the pain and affirm "I release the need to hold this pain within my cells from my consciousness"  Breathe out through your skin and send the pain outwards.  Keep the breath working this way untill the pain disappears.

Remember when we feel pain, our body automatically contracts, thereby holding the pain within.  With conscious breathing and releasing in this very simple manner, the pain lifts and moves.

Be true to ourselves and find out what is the distorsion in our minds and subconscious mind, that has created the pain and resistance to LOVE & LIGHT.

AFFIRM  " I release my resistance to the LIGHT"  say or write this 70 times by 7.

Sent with love and many blessings for all.
Amaliah Grace

Amaliah Grace
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