image002ENTRY POINT TO THE MATRIX – a profound healing song.

This song, connects us to pure Source vibration and the Crystalline Matrix around our Planet.

ASK the Cosmic Mother and you will RECEIVE her assistance, love and compassion.

This song has the ability to transmute lower vibrational energy and can dissolve with love any emotion or specific idea/problem.  Hold your thought of the emotion or problem that has come to the surface and ask the Mother to assist you to clear it.  Listen her sounds and the vibrations of this song will help to bring it closer to the surface for release.

With deep gratitude I share her remarkable gift.

Press play for the healing song.

To download the Song CLICK HERE

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To read more and watch a video of this healing song go to

To download printed version of the following techniques Healing songs info and Past live healing process


This is a very simple technique to express what you are feeling through acknowledging out aloud that feeling. It  enables you to find what lies below the surface of any feeling that you have, using your breath and by going within your body down to the Hara point. 


This is the place within you that sits in an equal place between the top and bottom, side and side, and your back and front.  Shaman’s call this place, the point of Power, or the Power center.

Once you have found the word that describes the emotional feeling you are experiencing, you then focus your breath by directing the breath, with that feeling tone of the expression of your emotion/word down through different areas of your body.

  • The space in the body on the first round.
  • The muscles on the second round.
  • The bones on the third round and.
  • The cells on the fourth round. 
  • Continue until there is nothing more to express & rest in the peace that is created.

The meditation below takes you through several rounds and then I leave you to continue on your  own while the music continues to play.

Use this technique to define fears, what a fear really is.  Fear is a very broad term, which creates a lot of stress if we don’t know what we are fearful about.  When we can find the specific of a fear, we are closer to facing it, acknowledging it and then using the acknowledgement technique to clear and reduce the impact of that fear on our being.

Very simply say out aloud to yourself

“I acknowledge that I am feeling…………………………..”  whatever fear or emotion that is occurring.

Breathe deeply the acknowledgement into all of your body, down through your legs, to your toes and fingers.   Then sit down into your Hara point, your Shaman Center and wait for the next message to come forward.  Then repeat the process once more with the next feeling tone.

This meditation guides you through the process for several series and then gives you more music and time to continue further if it is needed.

Press play button listen to the Acknowledgement Technique. It begins very quietly.

To download the Acknowledgement Technique mp3 CLICK HERE

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