Accelerator Art

img_6762Personal journey art codes, the next step in your Evolution.

This art is a new and exciting development for Amaliah Grace and those who channel  through her. Initiated through the dual eclipse period up to and including the Cardinal Grand Cross galactic alignment during April, 2014.

These Artworks are individually created for your next evolutionary step on your personal ascension journey.   They contain CODES OF LIGHT in the LANGUAGE OF LIGHT, which are released as you meditate with the artwork. They trigger and activate codes within your cells assisting you into the next level of your personal ascension journey.

During the Portal and Gateway most recently we are stepping truly into the new beginnings of a new time of being for our planet and all who reside here.


To commission an Accelerator Art email me a current photograph of yourself, full name, address and date of birth.   Once your payment is processed I will place your art into a queue.  I will email you when it is completed and the day I post it to you.

Personal Journey Code Artwork is created with pastels and gold & silver paint on Black paper.  Large format. Packaged in a cylinder for safe handling.

Cost of Artwork is AUD$127   The prices below include postage for your region.

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