Birthing the Template of Oneness

dove_rightOn the night of 11 November 2004, unknowingly I birthed a template, the Diamond of the Dove, the template of Oneness. in the early hours of the morning I was awakened to a single image of Sacred Geometry. I held the vision long enough to remember the form of the geometries so that I could draw them the following morning.

At the time, I assumed I was shown an image, which assured me that the earth was being downloaded with a large volume of new frequency.  We had been guided through emails on the Internet to make ourselves ready to receive whatever was appropriate for us.   It was the same day/night that the central gateway of the 11:11 was being opened. This opening enabled the Magdalene Flame to return onto the planet a few days later, Sunday 15th November 2004. (Read the article “Return of the Magdalene Flame”).

Several weeks after this event, I traveled to the United States of America to learn Alchemical Healing.  A modality founded and created by Nicki Scully. After learning Level 1 in Atlanta Georgia, I had a week to fill in before Level 2.  I had arranged to visit two different friends, Imsara and Marilyn, whom I had connected with the previous year in Peru on a Shamanic Journey, lead by Nicki Scully. Imsara is a healer using acupuncture and astrology, living in Florida and Marilyn a beautiful light being living who had journeyed with Drunvalo in  north of Denver.

On my arrival in Florida, I offered my friend a healing with my Sirian Goddess. Imsara was not very well at that time.  She worked with a MAP team  (Medical Assistance Program “The Co-creative White Brotherhood” by Machaelle Small Wright) for her personal healings – a team of spirit healers from the Great White Brotherhood of Light. She said she would need to go into meditation and consult with them to see if it was appropriate for her.

The following day Imsara returned and said that she personally didn’t need to have a healing, but the MAP team said I was here to bring through a diamond template, the template of Oneness.  What did I know about it?  I replied that I had some information about Diamond templates, since having traveled to the Bahamas’ with the Transference Healing team for the “Diamond Pyramid of Light” conference. I knew of the importance of their Diamond templates.  I suggested she leave it with me and I would sit with it and see what I could receive from my guides.

All of a sudden I experienced an “ah ha” moment. I remembered the vision I was given 3 weeks before. Quickly I sat down and drew the geometries the best I could at that time, without really knowing the size relationship of a Diamond. When my friend returned I showed her the template and she said “yes that’s it”.  We decided to make time the following day for a session whereby I would allow my ‘Sirian Goddess’ to direct the session completely and see how it would all unfold.

The next day I decided I needed my friend to lie flat on a couch, her healing tables were at her center so this was the next best thing. I also wanted to be ready for whatever transpired and had a cassette recorder ready to record the process. Imsara is clairvoyant and she was able to give me step-by-step information on what was occurring for her as the old template of duality was burnt away and the new template activated.  She received images, information and knowledge of what I had brought through, whilst I experienced a completely different process that was in contrast to my normal healing sessions I did with the Goddess.  It became known to Imsara and she was given the understanding that my Goddess, “The Enchanted One” and the Magdalene Flame were working through me and they would assist me to activate this Diamond Template for others as they surrendered to it’s beauty.

The night following Imsara’s session, I was standing on a balcony 10 floors up overlooking the ocean, when lightening & thunder began its dramatic stormy dance.  I was drawn to connect to the wind and allowed myself to be filled with the Goddess and she began a symmetrical dance and I knew that finally I was receiving the beginning of the Cosmic Dance of Peace.  A dance I had been waiting to receive for some time. Tears of joy fell down my cheeks and my heart was full, for what a day it had been for me, that day in December being blessed with two new aspects for healing others and our beloved Earth.

I moved and enjoyed the vibration of the moment, but the movements were too fast for me to retain what we had danced. I asked the Goddess to do them again the following evening but much slower please, so that I could talk and record the process as I was guided through the dance.  And so the first few moves of the Cosmic Dance of Peace were born into creation.  When I returned home to Australia I received the rest of the dance.

The movements of the Cosmic Dance of Peace are based upon the Diamond of the Dove Template and the placement of a pillar of light through the central core of the body.  So I was shown a process that would help people to become ready to receive the Template.

A few days after understanding and developing the template with Imsara, I travelled to a town north of Denver in the United States of America. Here my other friend Marilyn lived.  She had also journeyed through Peru with the Shamanic Group. She was instrumental in encouraging me to dance with spirit for the first time to a beautiful piece of music on the last day of our journey together in Cusco.  I shared with her my experience with Imsara and our knowledge and understanding of the template and receiving the first moves of the Cosmic Dance of Peace. I offered her a session also to experience the template, for I knew she was ready to receive this gift.  This became a beautiful experience for both of us. Marilyn is also clairvoyant and saw different symbolic images through the process that were personal to her journey through this life as the template of duality was burnt and dissolved.

Imsara and I were guided to understand, that to be ready to receive the Template of Oneness, a level of consciousness needed to have been achieved by each individual. The person needs to have moved into and through the dark night of the soul and to have surrendered their Human Ego Will to Divine Will.  They also need to be working in alignment with their Soul’s contract for this Sacred Earth Walk.  With these two conditions active, they can receive the Diamond of the Dove, the Template of Oneness.

Copyright Amaliah Grace 2008

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