The Art of Conscious Balance


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More and more modern technology is encroaching on our daily lives and we are challenged to find balance in how, when and why we use this new technology.

Since the introduction of the mobile phone, the internet and recently the i-phone, where the two concepts are joined together;  I question how much of this has become a diversion for the modern up-to-date person.  

The computer phone has the potential to interfere in the structuring of quality downtime for each of us.  It is so easy to become addicted to the use of these tools and to become out of balance with self and our spiritual nature.

Over use can create and magnify a loss of peace and harmony.  It does however; depend on how you use them, especially when in social interaction with other people.  If you allow them, they will create distraction from quality interaction with others. This distraction negates the reasons for engaging with those people in the first place.


To gift another with your presence and mindful listening is to gift yourself and others with the potential of heart filled resonance.

Don’t get me wrong, these mobile tools are wonderful and have connected us to a global environment.  They speed up business and productivity.  They allow people of like-mindedness to find each other and connect and interact, no longer feeling alone and isolated. But I seriously question how the constant receiving of input from outside influences has on our spiritual, mental and emotional health.  How do they impact on our ability to stay in presence?

It calls us to implement self-discipline and to decide whether we value ourselves and the relationships we have with others.  And choose to turn them off.  Choose to give quality time to ourselves and others. Consciously decide when and how much we use these tools? Are they yet another distraction or smoke screen which stops us from going within; to acknowledge our challenges and to love ourselves.

I write this article following a period where I was addicted to turning on the phone or computer to access my emails as soon as I woke up.   This went on daily for several weeks. Waking up at four o’clock in the morning, I was compelled to switch on the computer and work straight through for five or six hours until I was exhausted. Often I forgot to eat breakfast.   I drove myself to achieve very specific goals.  I was hooked into the computer and felt its pull as I walked past it when I tried not to go there straight away.  This addiction created an imbalance for me.  Subsequently I was ill for several weeks and I thank my body for stopping me in my tracks.


More and more those of us who tread a spiritual path are challenged by outside influences and how to remain in conscious balance. How do we walk in the third dimension and retain a heart vibration as we move towards the fifth dimension?

 My computer addiction was a result of the need to go out into the world based upon new learning.  I swung between the masculine aspect of DOING and the feminine receptive aspect of BEING and receiving.   I believe that the ability to do both is part of the new vibration we are to hold in the future as the Earth becomes fifth dimensional.  Unity and Oneness is a whole brain activity.  Slowly we are building the bridge between the brain hemispheres which enable unity consciousness.

Through tipping out of balance and now searching what balance means for me, I came to understand that I am committed to achieve a whole brain balanced activity.  I am here to learn how to maintain presence with the vibration of the Divine Feminine at the same time as consciously engaging in the physical world.


    1. First recognize you are out of balance.
    2. Find what gives you joy and do it regardless of others opinions.
    3. Practice gratitude to shift your mindset from feeling a victim to anything at all.  Others, families, and society’s opinions.


I am grateful for my feet, for I can walk, run, dance, stand and I thank and love them for the work they do for me.

I am grateful for my hands for I can draw, write and touch others and I thank and love them for the work they do for me.

I am grateful for my arms, for I can hold, and wash, hug and help others and I thank them and love them for the work they do for me.

Continue in this way naming every part of your body and the function it performs.


I am grateful for the birds that wake me in the morning with their beautiful joyous songs.  I thank them for lightening my day.

I am grateful for the ocean that surges upon the sand. etc.

Through the practice of gratitude, we return to a heart centered-ness and take the pressure off ourselves for those things that haven’t worked out and a profound shift occurs.  To live a life in gratitude is a conscious choice.

I have given you a few ideas so now it is over to you.

What is your favorite gratitude affirmation or prayer?

Reply below and leave me your ideas and I will put them all together for everyone’s  benefit and enjoyment.

With love flowing from the Goddess,

Amaliah Grace

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