Singing your Soul Sounds Workshop

Learn to rrecognizeand practice sounds which resonate with your Soul. Loosen your voice and mind to unusual sounds and language.

A workshop with a guided Meditation which aligns, embodies and anchors your Soul.  Amaliah Grace will activate each person individually preparing the way for a profound Soul alignment . A workshop filled with sound, joy and Grace.


  • Brings your Soul into alignment with your body
  • Experience a profound Meditation
  • Grounds your Soul Essence through your physical form
  • Embodies your Soul Vibration
  • Ignites your Soul sounds & language

After the meditation we play with sounds, tones & language, and explore the sounds & tones, which resonate with you.  This afternoon workshop guides you gently towards expressing your soul essence and giving it a voice. I will also dance with my Goddess for you and transfer this beautiful Divine Feminine Frequency to you, so that you also can dance with her.

Investment $75

Soul Essence Activation CD

Through consistent use of these sounds & tones on the CD you can make the shift to speaking soul language, the language of light.

Coming into alignment with your language & tones raises your vibrational frequency lifting you out of third dimensional density.


“I have been told by those who vision, that the Goddess sprinkles stardust on all who are within her presence.  She is like a breath of wind from the Stars.  She lights the way for Souls to enter through the gateway of our Universe.  Amaliah Grace was chosen by the Goddess to be her breath and her radiance.  The Goddess’s soul language is interpreted through Amaliah’s soul, the soul of a dancer and a dancers heart.”                               Karen Stuart – Hastings Point

The Soul Essence Activation Kit

Is designed to assist you in experiencing the essence of your Soul.  To feel and to know the qualities that are all pervading and of Universal Truth.  As you do the workshop and consistently use the meditation CD you will begin to feel different.  You will embody the soul vibration within your field and the cells of your physical body. It activates your Soul connection, aligning you to your true path.  Once your connection is aligned the stream of love is able to expand into every cell of your body. Becoming an embodiment of your essence, your spiritual truth.  The truth of who you truly are.

A being of Light and Love

Soul Essence Integration Essence

Is a vibrational Essence, created & channeled through Amaliah Grace in a ceremony on Cabarita Beach Headland, Northern NSW on the day of the full moon in June 2006.  Whales played in the ocean before her on their journey north to warmer waters to birth their babies. They have blessed this essence with their presence and their connection to the Mother of Creation. The Whale connection and Whale Sounds resonate to our original sounds as we were breathed as Souls into manifestation by Creation.

Soul Essence Vibrational Essence contains Songs, Tones, Soundings and Soul Language, the Language of Light, the language of your Soul.  It contains Ancient Healing Songs from when the Star Beings first seeded planet Earth with their widom and knowledge.  This essence will activate you to remember your Soul beginnings.

“Whales are Record Keepers and hold the original connection to Great Spirit.

“Whale teaches us to use the sounds & frequencies that balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms”

        Jamie Sams & David Carson

                Medicine Card