Evolving into Light

First Published in White Light Magazine Dec 07

Imagine you are your Soul looking along a time line where there are points upon that line, which show the many times you have chosen to move into a life existence, either in the 3rd dimension as a human, or on some other and different dimensional lifetime within a different form, but still a source created life existence. An extension of the pure energy light form that we are in Soul Form.

Soul Experiences

Along the line, at each point of movement into whatever existence chosen, your soul gathers experiences both positive & negative and when the life existence is completed these experiences come with the Soul into that place where the soul resides.

So the experiences upon the soul line, whether you imagine it as a linear line back through time or a line that accesses parallel realities occurring at the same time, the Soul has gathered the expressions of those lifetimes. How within each life existence, the expression chooses to play the role of itself. With these expressions of self, we have all gathered the good, the bad and the ugly for our souls experience. All is perfect, and in that perfection, everything is okay, simply energy, an expression of life and from this viewpoint, there is no right or wrong, simply an existence of some aspect in created being-ness. Right or wrong coming from society’s conditioning back to the commandments of Moses, where the creation of a series of rules came forward for a specific civilization upon which to live. Different creations came into existence for other civilizations also and they took it to be their truth and it was perfect.

Soul Splintering

At times when trauma occurs, the soul can fracture leaving splintered bits of the soul-self behind in that time space. Shamans from all native cultures have developed the ability to retrieve those splintered aspects of the soul to gather wholeness. Soul Line Clearing process also enables you to gather those splintered aspects of self.

As we move through this 3rd dimensional world, which today is challenged with so many opposing beliefs and religions, I wonder whether a time of no karma is really possible. Realizing that to achieve a state of being that is love at all times, with everything being totally acceptable, is the point at which we no longer generate our thought frequencies creating a negative attraction into the ether and onto the etheric network or as some know it, the Crystalline Grid or the Universal Intelligence Grid, the Crystal Matrix.

The Soul Line Clearing Course is a contemporary western tool, which will assist you to come to a place of clarity, self-acceptance and self-love. Through this clearing process you will become more aware of the choices you make and a new level of personal responsibility occurs. Working in alignment through your daily life, awareness of the Genetic & Karmic patterns become clear. These patterns sabotage the fullest potential of our Soul aspects to shine through the human self, creating distortion and disharmony.

Soul Line Clearing Course is a gift to the planet from the Cosmic Mother, the Universal Mother Goddess. She has guided me to create a profound process and through this process she gifts us with unconditional Love and Grace to clear our Karma through our Genetic lineage that would previously take multiple lifetimes to bring balance.

I am dedicated towards the possibility of living in a future where all have embraced their pure Soul Essence Selves and function from a light form multi-dimensional reality of love and grace.

Amaliah Grace

Copyright 2007 Amaliah Grace
All Rights Reserved. Feb. 2007

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