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Angelic Remembrance Soul Healing, assists you to heal soul disconnection from Source. This is one-on-one sound healing using soul language, tones and ancient healing songs assisting you to remember at a soul and heart level, healing embed past aspects of yourself. Balancing male female energies from those lifetimes and reconnecting your heart with your soul and its contract for this lifetime. Healing and igniting a clearer connection with your soul and the Divine path chosen for this lifetime.

Soul Healing awakens your soul to remember its Divine Plan, by assisting you to reclaim lost aspects of your Soul and align your being with the essence of who you truly are. A Soul Essence aligned in Harmony with Divine Will, walking your life path mission and walking your passion.

Private Healing sessions are available with Amaliah Grace on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

DISTANT HEALING available via Skype. Payments by PayPal.

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The Goddess heals through Ancient Healing Songs, sounds and Soul language, the language of light.  She speaks to you of your“home” beginnings.  These ancient songs activate your remembering.  Remembering who you truly are and the truth of your light and creation.  When gently touching the body and vibrating the auric field with sounds, tones and language, blockages are dissolved. Ka channels are opened and activated. The Ka body is the etheric body, the Divine Double.

Through Soul Healing, the client is easily taken to an altered state of Theta or REM (REM- rapid eye movement) – known to be achieved during sleep. Those who vision are shown many previous lifetimes, bringing understanding and wisdom to their role through their lineage. When trauma occurs through other lifetimes,  the soul can splinter and fracture.  Unresolved emotions can be seen as a tar-like sticky substance creating density within the auric field.  These emotions need to be cleared and can be brought into balance and harmony through “Soul line clearing” and past life recall.

In 2002, I became a channel for a Sirian Goddess “The Enchanted One”. The Goddess slowly developed a style of working with me which today is unique.  It is easy for me to allow the energy to fill me and I open myself to allow this beautiful vibration to dance and guide me completely during my healing sessions, creating soul to human alignment and grounding this connection with the Earth Star.  Vibrations which heal disconnection and distortion.