within the Template of ONENESS


This process can only occur once you know that the Template of Oneness has entered and activated within your field.  It is suggested to do this process whilst standing.  You can have the template in front of you.

1.    Place your awareness to the greater diamond around your body with the points sitting opposite the heart center.

2.    Imagine you are looking downwards from the apex of your greater diamond and can see where the energetic lines of the front, back & side points cross and intersect through the heart center, connected through the soul matrix in the inner heart.  See this as a point of light.

3.    Next align your vertical line of force from the top apex of the diamond template, to run and intersect through the crossing of the point of light at the inner heart and anchor into the Earth Star chakra.  (This creates a strong stabilizing line of force through the body).

4.    Focusing into your heart chakra, feel and breathe into the point of light where the lines intersect within your Heart/Soul Matrix.  Your one and only focus, is to breathe into the point of light.

5.  As you breath the focused breath at the point of light, the three inner diamonds will begin to fill with light.  At some point within the creation of the lighting up of the three diamonds, the whole template of Oneness (with you standing inside of it) will start spinning to the left.

6.    You can initiate the spin yourself, however the template will start spinning spontaneously, just be aware that this is happening.  You and the template are spinning as ONE.

(NB. Should you become dizzy, ensure that the vertical line of force is completely centered through your body and heart light)

7.  The anti-clockwise spinning, creates a vortex down into the earth’s energetic core and releases and connects you to the light within the Earth.  Allow the rush of energy that comes from the Earth’s core to fill, surround and expand your being.

This process connects us to the electromagnetic & magnetic field of the Earth and creates vortexes both to the Heavens and the Earth. The fullness of the light created through this process, will assist to burn away residual density from your physical body, lifting your vibrational frequency.  Connecting you completely to the Earth’s Divine Core.  Filling and strengthening your Ka body, your Divine Double, your Etheric body.

The template of Oneness is a light body vehicle for ascension here to assist us to stabilize through the great shift of 2012.

Copyright Amaliah Grace August 2009