IMPORTANT Once your payment is complete, I will manually put you into the course. Please join my SOUL ACADEMY and you will receive an email when the course begins.

NB this is to avoid financial transactions coming from the US company. I thank you for your patience.

OPTION 1 – Two-part payment for the Online Series A, B or C.  AUD $60 each month 

OPTION  2 – Online Series A, B or C Full Payment.   AUD $97

OPTION 3  – Printed Version posted to your door  AUD $197 plus $20 postage.

Select Online Series A, B or C
Select Choice Series A , B or C
Select choice
HARD COPY plus POSTAGE OPTION FOR REMOTE AREASFor people in remote areas with no printing access or with poor download speed, this program can be purchased as a printed hard copy of the A4 images and a CD of the sound codes and support material for each month.  See options above and please select your requirements.