6 steps to become an Evolutionary Spirit Messenger.

One-on-one mentorship program

6 weeks or 13 weeks option 

Learn to pursue your dream with courage, clarity and confidence and come in line with your Mission to be a Messenger of Light.

STEP ONE –   Clean up the connection – identify the doubts, fears and obstacles and receive greater confidence and trust

STEP TWO – Step out of your mind and Ego and feel the clear open connection to Spirit

STEP THREE – Learn discernment between the good and bad and be absolutely confident in your Spirit Group

STEP FOUR –   Recognize the energetic signature of your Spirit Group and Raise your vibration to meet them.

STEP FIVE – Be open and ready to the flow and become the pure vessel for Divine Light

STEP SIX – Call them in, wait for the flow and feel the surge of energy as your Spirit Group fills you

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