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Do you find it difficult to meditate and slow down your mind?

Are you always on the go and need some quick and simple tools to distress?

I have put together five ways for you to start which brings quick focus to your breathing and ways to relax your mind.

In countries around the world some sounds are a universal language.  Everybody uses them.  Humans say them unconsciously because they are so normal we are almost unaware we do them.

Are you curious now to know what they might be?


When we are really tired from a long day’s work, we sit down and exhale our breath usually making a sound. The sound emitted is the sound of Ahhh. Unknowingly we are expressing the sound of ONENESS and this sound is used for world wide sound day to sing and sound Ahhh for several minutes continuously. We also make an Ahhh sound when we exclaim an understanding of something or we find something that has been lost.  “Ahh there it is!!!”

Another sound we emit is “Shhh”.  We say this sound to stop others waking a baby or when someone is sleeping.  We say it sharply it is an immediate STOP what you are doing.  But if you say it softly and slowly it is again a sound that breathes out the breath and can slow us down and quietly take ourselves into our body.

Whenever we focus our breath is a specific way, it enhances the slowing down relaxation of our bodies natural responses.  The Adrenals quieten and our survival mode of “flight” or “fight” reduces.

It doesn’t take much effort out from one’s day to reduce stress.  These exercises can be done in the toilet out of other people’s vision.

Quieting the mind and the body for five minutes at a time throughout your day will assist clarity of mind and reduce the feelings of being stressed. You don’t even need to think you are meditating with these five simple tools, to receive benefits from these exercises.

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