This is to let you know that I am on the Gift of Healing TV on Wednesday 15th November at 7.30am GMT ~ 5.30pm AEST, sharing a Meditation ~ “Release Fears for Wholeness”:  I hope you will be able to join us.

This is live webinar and is recorded for longevity on placed onto the Gift of Healing TV page and Youtube channel.  At the end of the meditation participants can ask questions of Amaliah Grace and share their responses.

What is the Gift of Healing TV?

It is a weekly, live, interactive, on-line program hosted by Sara Jane the Master of Voice and Sound Energy. 

Sara invites guests from all over the globe sharing information and demonstrations about many different techniques, practices and therapies; they also share Meditations and Exercises.

You can learn more about Gift of Healing TV at their website:

Do you have fears, insecurities or lack of self-love, that stop you moving forward confidently?

Is there anything blocking you from speaking or stepping more fully into your empowered self? Write them down and it will be ready for the meditation.

In this meditation, Amaliah Grace invites you to release and clear those fears or insecurities you actively are ready to release. These ideas can include the need to give forgiveness to another person and or to yourself so that you ignite your courage to move into the next vision of yourself.

Amaliah leads you up to and through an inter-dimensional gateway, as she sings the songs of her Goddess, to release your bindings with the Cosmic Mothers love.

She will clear you of whatever you have dedicated at this moment to release, to step into your next vision of wholeness.

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