When we lose somebody or something either through death, separation, divorce or through anger and differing opinions, the grief can plummet us into a hole and is all-consuming. It takes us into a place of darkness where we are unable to see through and out the other side of the tunnel that contains us.

We are energy beings and when we spend days suffering from grief, there is an interesting result that occurs to our physical body, our connection to the world, the Universe and the Mother Earth. Heartbreak is a reality. We close down our energy centres, our chakras. This occurs primarily at the soles of our feet, so we no longer receive the life-force electromagnetic energy that our beloved earth gives. Also, we retract or close down our emotional centre at the Solar Plexus and last of all at the heart centre.

Allowing the process of grief for a period of time is natural. But if we keep swimming around in it for a long time, we create many problems for the physical body and literally stop the energy flow to our body systems, they begin to shut down and we experience difficulty to even get up out of bed.

As a channel of ancient healing songs, I have put together a short series of songs and little snippets to help lift you out of the place that you are in with your grief. I offer my gift freely to download. The love that comes through my healing tones and sounds as I channel the frequencies of the Divine Feminine. Over the next five days, I invite you to allow the Cosmic Mother to hold and embrace you in a cocoon of love.