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Lia Scallon – Sounds of Sirius

For over a decade, award-winning composer, singer and sound healer Lia Scallon has been transforming lives throughout the world with her angelic songs and Light Language. Described as being the sound of pure Love, these exquisite songs carry Key Activation Codes that trigger deep soul remembrances within the listener. For many, they also invoke a poignant sense of ‘coming home’.

The over-riding purpose of the high frequency ‘Sounds of Sirius’ transmissions is to help raise our physical and energetic vibration, so that we may gain access to the higher dimensional realms of Light. They are also gifted to facilitate the reactivation of Mother Earth’s crystalline grid. In her role as code bearer, Lia has been called to visit many of the planet’s most ancient power portals at this critical time of ‘Great Awakening’, to assist with their reopening through sacred sound.

It is Lia’s most sincere wish that her music may bring a sense of inner harmony and peace to all who hear it, along with a realization of the Divine Cosmic Light within all living things.

For the first time ever, Lia is inviting others to join her on one of her sacred earth journeys. In March 2016 she will visit the extraordinary pyramids of the ancient Maya in Mexico. She invites you to travel with her.


A Sacred Pilgrimage to the Ancient Temples of the Maya

Journey of Love Flier Sirius

For more information on the Mexico tour CLICK HERE

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