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Ascension Star Codes of Light Series A


The Ascension Star Codes of light, sound and art codes hold the “Frequencies of the New Millennium.”

The visual artwork image is encoded with light, color and specific tones which contain packets of light and information within the light language writing and glyphs.

They trigger the dormant codes held within the DNA to be released into our cells creating potential for a higher vibration of light to be embodied within the physical form. Each Glyph and sound code holds a unique tone, essence and vibration waiting to assist the awakening of the individual to a higher consciousness

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Igniting the Cosmic Dance book


A travel read with a difference, Amaliah courageously faces her fears, reveals her vulnerability and strengths, as she dynamically changes her life.  Her story is a chronicle of her sacred journey – a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation which unveils her Soul’s mission and connection to the cosmos.

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