The elements of water, air, sun and earth.

As you listen to this song, align your breath with the rhythm of the sounds. And as you breathe out. Say out aloud Ahh: expelling all of your air out of your lungs.

After several breaths like this, then place one hand on the centre of your chest and the other hand on your stomach, and feel the movement of your breath going out and in. Then place your attention inside yourself and sit in gratitude for the breath of life that is filled with lifeforce.

When this song was channelled.

The feelings behind this song when I channelled it, was a sense of bringing balance and harmony to the inner self with the outer world. Taking an expression of oneself and then harmonize it with the natural world of nature and the elements.

With a full and subtle connection of balance of masculine and feminine aspects of self and taking this balance out into the world, creating harmony as we action and manifest the dreaming of our inner landscape.

A replication of the infinity sign was danced between the power centres in the bowl of my stomach. Dreaming the dreams of abundant possibilities for all future creations.

I gift this song with full gratitude and appreciation of our naturally abundant Earth.

Love flowing in all directions across the planet.

Amaliah Grace

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