A Song of Healing

Use this song to clear a specific feeling, difficulty or aspect and the Cosmic Mother will assist you.

Surrender to her love as she dissolves and balances your emotions.

This Goddess Sound Stream initially vibrates the Solar Plexus and encourages the locked emotions to the surface. 

The Goddess vibrates these emotions, breaking them apart and raises them to the higher centers where they are transmuted.

When you recognize the core pattern and the emotion connected to it Affirm these words.

“I acknowledge that I am feeling………(the emotion)” 

 Then breath deeply of this acknowledgement down and through all of your body.

Through the release and transcendence of these emotions the Goddess then sings the sounds of harmony where she envelops your heart center and stabilizes the changes.

Then listen again for a fuller experience of HEART HARMONY.


Jalquin’s experience

I see standing behind you Amaliah as you channel a beautiful star being.  She is tall, in a full length cape, high backed collar and a head piece.  Her hands are resting on your shoulders.  She is a powerful presence.

I experience your tonal download soundings as an entry point, a gateway into the Matrix.  It is as though the sound vibration clears and cleanses – there is a distinct vibration occurring with the sound, as though the sound, which seems amplified, is also breaking away accumulation of debris in a physical sense.  It is a major entry point to the Matrix.

Q – What is the Matrix Jalquin?

A – It is a web that encompasses the entire planet.  It is the web of life; everything feeds into it and is connected to it.  I see Souls moving through the entry points coming to assist the planet.  It is a planetary Matrix and sound is vibrating the Matrix.

Annie’s experience

When I listened to Amaliah’s April 2012 Goddess Sound Stream, I saw a symbol of transformation, within the Divine Feminine and Masculine and Source rising into the clouds to be transformed.

I received awareness of Self Love.  Through my feelings I realized I am making myself wrong and that it is important to take time out for myself daily for my balance of health and well-being.  I sobbed.

I felt the powerful energy of Divine-ness of the Goddess within me.

Seonaid’s experience

When I listened to the Sound stream, it brought up very old ancient wounds around annihilation and betrayal (particular from other women) to do with spirituality.  

I had to acknowledge the feelings of mistrust, doubt, fear – shadow side.

Getting the message now, that for me this is to do with abuse of power, and a long held deep wound that is now shifting, slowly and within its own gentle timing. So that’s great.  The physical pain in my body has also relieved a little and if I tune in now I can feel it still shifting – so the energy is still working through and will continue to do so for the next couple of days. 

This Goddess Sound Stream was a big help, exactly what I needed at the right time.Message at the end of streaming on both listens:  To bring back the ancient knowledge/wisdom. My sense is that this is a means to opening this channel for those who have chosen to activate the wisdom of their heart at this time.