Hello Pilot group.

I am currently preparing how I sell the Ascension Star Code series and have put together a couple of questions for you, that will assist me to make my final decisions.

I will offer the nine Codes in three parts, part A, B & C. Each part contains three months of codes.  They can be bought either by monthly subscription for $37 or payment in full for three months. Then they can buy the next block, giving the choice to continue or not. This enables if a change occurs in a person’s life where the time is more difficult or they feel their body needs a break.

I have put together a form below for your answers which are precious to me. Please contribute.

I have decided to launch Part A series on 10th January, but in saying this I am feeling pushed by Spirit to get on with it but concerned to start for people too close to Christmas.


In order to clearly market this product, I need to be able to offer the potential Benefits available to them through participating in this series.

I know it may be a bit early with this however, many of you are already showing me that you have received one if not several changes.  These changes are definable benefits so please express these in the form below.

I have already ideas on what these may be, but it would be extremely beneficial if you can respond to me your ideas in two headings.



How important has it been for you to feel you are doing this work with others? Being in a group who read & listen to how you are going and for you to know that you are not alone with your journey? Also to have support from me.

I can offer the course with a cut off starting date similar to how I presented it to you. They can communicate with others doing the course and connect in a deep way creating a network.

How easy was it to get around the Forum and did you communicate privately with others in the group?

OR an alternative way to sell them is:

The course can be bought any time and people engage in it without having the ability to feel a part of something. No forum or feedback.  They won’t be  part of a group together. But can leave comments in the closed FB page.

Please let me know how you feel. I appreciate all of your feedback and continued support.

Q. 3    Please indicate if you are happy to continue into the next month and continue to give the agreed weekly feedback? 

You are the foundation of this work and I am also looking to offer you special discounts in the future.

Much love to you all & Blessings,


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    How important has it been to do the codes in a group together?

    Do you wish to continue with the next code?

    What benefits have you received from the Code?

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