Heart of the Mother Sacred Essence




Heart of the Mother Essence

30 ml essence bottle with dropper

Created and channeled by Amaliah Grace

Heart of the Mother Sacred EssenceAssists in

  • Releasing unresolved heart pain
  • Cleansing the physical & emotional bodies
  • Clearing ancient distortions of the lower chakras
  • Potent essence of deep cellular renewal

This essence is a gift from the Great Mother to heal ancient pain of woman through multiple lifetimes. It has the ability to create cellular renewal and new beginnings.


Creation of the Sacred Essence

The Heart of the Mother essence was created in the ocean at Currumbin Beach on 9.9.2009 at 3.00pm. It carries the 9.9.9 frequency and was over lighted by Mother Mary.

“I stood in the waters and cradled the clear bowl of essence in my arms as the setting sun beamed into my heart chakra from behind; the moon was in front of me high in the sky.  The ocean cleansed & purified me three times whilst I channeled the tones of Earth & Sky.”  Amaliah Grace

Directions for use


For deep and profound inner clearing.

Place 12 drops under the tongue 3 times a day for 3 weeks or more. Close your eyes and connect with your inner breath and allow.

When working full time use at night only.

Take 12 drops under the tongue prior to sleeping to connect to the heart of the Great Mother and enter into her creative void.

NOTE: This essence has profound and immediate healing potential and is therefore not appropriate to be used as a spray.


The “Heart of the Mother” Essence helped me to release old scars stored in my heart. Initially I felt my organic heart torn apart with a constant intense pain. Then the pain slowly eased replaced by a palette of emotions like sadness, guilt, shame, disgust and many more.

During this process of healing, I felt the essence flowing through my veins, pervading all my body and re-programming my physical – energetic level of frequency. I felt like I was in a different space-level-dimension. Like I was in a spiritual surgery ward.

The “Heart of the Mother” essence also brought out more clearly the significance of recurrent uncomfortable dreams I had for years and showed me the repercussions they had on my present life.  I indeed realized that old patterns from many lifetimes were negatively active in my present life.  Thank you Amaliah and the Cosmic Mother for this amazing gift of healing.      Corinne – Queensland Australia

The “Heart of the Mother” Sacred Essence is supported by the CD “Song of the Ocean”. 

A gift from the Mother taking one into a deep and profound healing place for optimum cellular renewal.

Song of the Ocean CD cover


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