Soul Essence Duo Pack



Soul Essence Sacred Essence

30 ml essence bottle and aura spray

Created and Channeled by Amaliah Grace.

Soul Essence 3


  • Supports & Integrates inner changes
  • Balances the emotions
  • Brings upliftment, peace & harmony
  • Divine love flows to areas of need

The Soul Essence Sacred Essence is an ascension tool wonderfully supporting with love your inner work.  I invite you to enjoy this wonderful opportunity to increase your light and embrace love.

How this Soul Essence was created

Soul Essence was created & sung by Amaliah Grace in a ceremony on Cabarita beach headland in Northern New South Wales of Australia.  On the day of the full moon in June 2005.  At the completion of the ceremony, Whales played and breached in the ocean immediately in front of her.  They have gifted this essence with their sound vibrations and blessings of love for the evolution of each individual and the planet.

Sacred Soul Essence contains Ancient Healing Songs, Sounds and Soul Language from the Goddess. Gifted with love by the Cosmic Mother and my Sirian Goddess “The Enchanted One”.

It is love in a bottle.

Directions for use:  ADULTS.

Take nine drops under the tongue before meditation or healing. Gives love when feeling out of balance or needing loving support.

Spray this essence frequently when needed in the aura field and around the house for clearing and cleaning.


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