The best office in the world. Great coffee, company and the Ocean

The best office in the world. Great coffee, company and the Ocean


I am Amaliah Grace and this is my About Me page and I am stepping forward and daring to take a leap. I’m going to do something different. My life story has lots of highs and lows, ups and downs and the only thing I know definitively about life is that change is the only constant. And unless we are passionate about what we do in life, it can be dull and boring. My life is too interesting to allow me to become bored.


For as long as I can remember I had a passion to dance. I was determined to do it even when my ballet teacher said to me “Dear you will make a really good dance teacher.” Well this statement told me at the age of 15 that she thought I wasn’t going to make it as a dancer and should stick to assisting her in her school.

That was like a red rag to a bull. My determination kicked in and I continued to repeatedly say in my head “I am going to be a dancer” and that is exactly what I did. Thirteen years of performing and loving it. I could express what was inside and understood how to transform myself beyond shyness and insecurity. I expressed my soul from inside to outside. I realize now that I had practiced the art of positive affirmation.

Receiving from the Great Mother

I loved being the Dance, in the dance and the dancer

So much so that when it looked like time to retire (due to a back injury) I thought I would try a creative bent and began to choreograph.

I studied people in the street and coffee shops – how they moved, walked and held themselves. All the time learning the hidden emotions caught within their body language. I tried and tried to capture expression, feelings and emotions.

At the beginning I have to admit I wasn’t very good at it, but after ten years apprenticeship, by then I was already moving towards something new.

My old ballet teacher was right after all

By this stage I loved to teach and when I grasped information fully, I naturally wanted to pass it on. That is part of the gift. Don’t keep in your head what you can give to another. Training dancers to move and express themselves through movement was natural for me to do and none of this information was lost when I found my fascination with healing.


Simple things in life matter to me

The lowest time of my life is when I lost the absolute knowing of who I was. I was in transition. My passion was gone. I was being prepared for a new mission, but I had no image of what it looked like. I was lost without a passion driving me… I was lost to myself. It was a place many people arrive at later in life. I became a Carer for my Dad.

He was 90 yrs old and suffered a stroke. I watched him decline and die in small increments over three years. Seeing my dad change from an intelligent, reasonably active man to a shuffling shell of himself was painful. I stopped being an elite dance trainer and became a normal human – a house wife. I was 50 years old.

How I learned to have compassion for humanity.

I learned many things during those years, not only through my Dad’s aging process but about myself. I learned to acknowledge my pain and allow regular tears as an outlet for my grieving. Dad died at 93 years of age. At the same time my relationship with my husband deteriorated to a caustic level. Separation was essential for my Soul, my spirit and a renewed life. I had a tsunami dream which signified great change coming for me. I was assured in the dream that all would be well.


I learned to imagine myself into a different future. For months I couldn’t see myself beyond the house I lived in. I spent hours trying to image a new future for myself and then I succeeded. I found the first key to Manifesting change. Seeing and feeling a potential for my future life to be different.

So here I am now sharing my passion to support and empower personal change. I am passionate about Ascension and the New Earth.

On a lighter note – here are some of my personal quirks

    • Being born a Libran has its drawbacks. I can see both sides of the story and vacillate in my mind and sometimes out aloud. The good news is that it improves with age and wisdom. Especially once I aligned with my Souls Mission. The upside to this is clarity with a deep inner knowing.
    • I am a one coffee a day addict. I function best after a really great cappuccino and have searched many coffee shops along the way to satisfy my enjoyment of that one cup. To get one now I head for the beach for a water view and I am in Heaven!
    • My family call me stubborn. I call it being a terrier. When I decide on something, I do it all the way.
    • I become low if I am not being creative. I love new ideas and finding solutions. I learned early on as a choreographer that being creative is about problem solving. One step at a time (excuse the pun). Then bingo, on the stage was my creation. Lights, costumes, set design, dancers, action. My seed idea created, shaped and transformed into a really big moving picture on stage. And all in only a few weeks.
    • I am addicted to healing and change. Most of the time this is really positive but it can also be a tad challenging for my friends. I had to learn to temper my enthusiasm and allow others to be on their own path even when I can see their need to heal.
    • I don’t hike but will go almost anywhere for a ceremony. I am not much of a walker, I’d rather dance, but found out something about myself. If I know there is a ceremony at the end and a reason to get to a sacred site, I can go the distance. I love the sound of the Peruvian Shaman beating his feathers across the smoke to smudge my field.

I have learned I am never too old to learn something new

One of the main things I learned from my Mum was to never stop learning. She went to University for the first time, when she was 65. The oldest one on campus my mother learned Malay and Alternative Religions and later went backpacking through Malaya where she had been born to British parents. She passed on her passion to embrace new information to me.

At the end of my dance career I went to University to study the theory of Dance. I now have a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. This study catapulted me back to write and stretched my mental limits once more. It prepared me to for my writing journey and I currently am writing my spiritual story.

Loving the Ocean & Wind


It was a great surprise to me when my new mission included using my voice. I had weak vocal chords and was only encouraged to project my voice when I learned Drama for a semester. I sang in the dressing rooms with the girls as we put on our make up. Summertime was an all time favorite and of course songs from Westside Story.

So now I let the energy sing through me and it shapes my mouth and my breathing to achieve different and unusual sounds – that is as long as I get ‘the me’ out of the equation. eg. my mind cannot control the outcome and if I try to control it, I lessen the purity of the sound.

I love the Ocean and the wind

You will find me in my favorite coffee shop on the East Coast of Australia watching the procession of the whales; writing about my Spiritual journey to Peru and other places. Yep it’s the picture at the top.

Experience and expertise

Now that I follow the healing path as a healer, I enjoy sharing my experiences, expertise and Healing Songs. I embrace the fullness of who I am; as a being of light, living a human experience. Some people call us Earth Angels, I just do what I do and aim to do it the best that I can.

I enjoy being a Grandmother

It is great being a Mother and especially being a Grandmother. I don’t have to take them home with me and I get to sleep through the night. I am happy to embrace my elder years and what is known as the ‘Crone’ years of my life.


I am comfortable with my gifts and talents and love to gift others with the Touch of the Divine Mother sometimes known as the Shakti Touch by dancing and singing with her frequency. I dance with her on the beach, I connect with her in the wind. I know this is normally an Eastern tradition but I bring it through in a Western form to nurture, care and mentor you through your spiritual awakenings.

An inspirational message from Janet and Chris Atwood of “The Passion Test.”

“Your passions are not your destiny; they are clues or keys to your purpose in life. The more passionate your life, the more closely you are aligned with your destiny. The whole purpose to life is to enjoy. When you are not enjoying you are out of the flow of life. You are missing your purpose. To have absolute success in any area, the most important prerequisite must be that you have a passion. Passion is the inner fire that propels you forward through the combination of love for what you’re doing and the inner sense of purpose that comes from connecting to one’s deepest passions”.

So my Goddess Sounds and Soul connections are really important to me.

Now that you know something about me, I’d like to hear more about you. And I’d be super grateful if you’d introduce yourself. where do you come from and what is your ideal outcome from listening to the Goddess Sound Streams.

I love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and join me on my mailing list to receive Songs of Home.