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Igniting the Cosmic Dance book


A travel read with a difference, Amaliah courageously faces her fears, reveals her vulnerability and strengths, as she dynamically changes her life.  Her story is a chronicle of her sacred journey – a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation which unveils her Soul’s mission and connection to the cosmos.

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Soul Essence Activation CD

  • A guided meditation to embody your Soul’s Essence.
  • Includes six tracks of Light Language.
  • Plus Song of the Cosmic Child, Song of Creation & a Blessing.
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Song of the Ocean CD


 Soundscape for Meditation & Healing.

  • Track one – single voice includes a guided meditation.
  • Track two – single voice only.
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Soul Essence Sacred Essence 30ml


30ml Essence bottle with dropper. Contains some alcohol as a preservative.

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