Song of the Ocean CD


 Soundscape for Meditation & Healing.

  • Track one – single voice includes a guided meditation.
  • Track two – single voice only.


Song of the Ocean CD

Channeled by Amaliah Grace

The “Song of the Ocean is a looped soundscape of solo voice, channeled through Amaliah Grace.

The vocals and sounds on this CD will take you into a profound and deep healing space allowing you to be open to receiving the next level of love and change.  It assists deep cellular healing supported by the Divine Mother and the Grandmothers.

This CD was designed to be used for meditation and with the “Heart of the Mother” Sacred Essence.  Perfect sounds to take you into a meditative state.


Theta and Alpha states of healing

Profound connection to the Ocean

Vibration and waves of Love

Connection to the Whales & Dolphins

Connection to the Ancient Grandmothers

The “Song of the Ocean” is design to be supported by the “Heart of the Mother” Essence.


“When I first head the “Song of the Ocean” I received healing immediately in my stomach and ribs.  Then I heard waves crashing and whales speaking. There was language and energies of the Ancient Grandmothers and a sense that they are the guardians of the shift.

As I continued to listen with it I heard the dolphins with their tutting sounds and a sense of the Grandmothers pushing us forward and wrapping us with their shawls of unconditional love. A sense also of the coding of genetic memory and that the Grandmothers hold the family line.” Seonaid, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“The “Song of the Ocean” CD track is oh-so perfect for meditation. The way and tone of it.  When beloved Amaliah sings, she takes you into a deep, deep vortex of healing away from all mind chatter, into Pure Divine Love and when the CD ends, you emerge out refreshed/re-born.

What more can one ask for when one is lucky to have the Divine mother singing to them one to one through this CD.  Amaliah is like the Modern day Egyptian Goddess/Healer and listening to her CD is as good as being in a sacred temple where she heals you.

If there was ever an Oscar Award for Spiritual CD’s, the “Song Of Ocean CD” would definitely get an Oscar.

All of Amaliah’s Products are gifts from the Goddess/Heaven above to uplift humanity back to Love and Oneness. I wish all her products were available worldwide.  If you are using any of her Products consider yourself very, very blessed.”Shahid, India


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