New Order of Spirituality


A NEW ORDER  – A prophetic dream of hope for the future
A prophetic dream of hope and future possibility, woke me on Easter Sunday of 2010. Later I realized the symbolism of why I was being shown this dream on the Christian Day of Ascension, Resurrection and Rebirth.
I was inside a house with several young people in their 20’s and early 30’s some women but mainly 2 young men who were filled with the energy of the Divine Feminine, filled by Spirit is the best way to describe it. They had spiritual fervor and were extremely energetic and excited about the task at hand. They were preparing to go outside and speak with a large group of people.
On a desk to the left of me was a table and upon the table sat one large thick leather bound book. I head the words “A NEW ORDER” I realized that the book represented the teachings of the New Order and to me was symbolic of Ancient Knowledge being taught within the New Order. 
The young people left me in the house to go and speak to many. When they returned, they were elated and excited. They showed me many pages of names and email address of people who were interested in what they taught and wanted to hear more about the New Order of Spirituality.
The two young men stood to the right of me and as spirit left their bodies, they started to shake. I gently placed my right hand on the base of their neck and with this touch their bodies re-balanced and they stopped shaking.
I woke up to the dream finishing.  I continued feeling the vibration of the dream and was in a gentle and beautiful energy for the whole day. 
I felt that I being a woman and a carrier of the Ray of Mercy, Compassion and Grace and a channel for a Goddess from Sirius and Quan Yin represented the Divine Mother Goddess, and that she is the spiritual vibration behind the NEW ORDER.
In considering this dream I found it interesting that it was two young men who were the spokespersons for the New Order. 
I realized that with the return of the Divine Feminine Goddess vibration onto the planet, it also brings awareness of the return of the Sacred Masculine to human consciousness. Allowing the true sense of masculine and feminine as magnetic polarities to play their true roles. It is with the Union of these two polar aspects within ourselves that we create the balance within. Then we have available, the ability to open to Sacred Union. This applies to all, whether in a Female or Male incarnation at this evolutionary time. 
I feel that with the return of the Divine Mother consciousness to the planet that the New Order will carry with it, the consciousness of Sacred Union, Sacred Balance and a new way of holding the balance of our Divine twins within ourselves. The dream gives me hope for the future of the Earth, that the multitudes will come to know this wisdom and embrace the return of the Goddess creating balance and harmony to our beloved Earth.
In sharing this dream with you, I embrace and thank all of you who have already opened yourselves to receive and honor the Goddess vibration, the Divine Feminine within your lives. 
I encourage those of you who have yet to receive her fully, to call her in, through the image of the Magdalene Flame hovering above your heads waiting to be brought into the bowl of your belly down through your central inner pillar of light. 
Receiving her is a beautiful and blissful experience and only then can you attempt to create Sacred Union through a Kundalini experience. Inviting Sacred Union within us enables a magnetic attraction to occur with another coming into our field that also carries Sacred Union within them. This I understand is the attraction of the sacred partnership, known as the Twin Flames.  For more understanding on the subject of Twin Flames go to Celia Fenn’s channeling on Twin Flames.
Amaliah Grace
© Copyright 2010 
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