The Escalating Frequency Effect & How to Cope

Ascension Symptoms

Are you often out of balance, giddy with headaches or generally aching all over the body?  Do you wake up some days feeling as though you have been run over a truck? You know that your spirit guides have worked with you through the night and you swear at them because you have many things you want to accomplish. It takes time to get the joints moving and the muscles softening. But you know you must get going. Because hey, you need to get up and be productive. Go to work, look after the kids, conduct a board meeting or just go out to meet friends and not feel like you are going to be a drain on them.

You know and understand that you are being brought up to the times, aligned with the evolutionary downloads occurring on planet earth. Or maybe, you don’t know this yet. You haven’t become conscious of what is happening on the planet.

It is time for you to wake up. For this is one part of the escalating increase of the vibrational frequency downloads on earth and every individual human, animal, mammal or insect residing here is being touched. However, animals don’t have their minds corrupting their automatic body responses. They are keyed and aligned to work in harmony with environmental changes. This escalating effect will continue to increase exponentially as the Earth is changing. The Earth – Gaia’s electromagnetic field is slowing down. The vibration of the sun is slowing down and yes, we need to deal with this effect by connecting to our body and listening. Going inward.

Song of Love. Listen while you read.

Inspired thoughts

This morning as I drove to the café to open my computer and begin writing. My thoughts were flowing with ideas. Then I was drawn to the car in front of me and its number plate. The little blue car was nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s plate was unique. There weren’t any numbers! It said FOCUS ST.

Wow, it was spot on and aligned with my thoughts of how to write what I had been download with earlier on.  I was woken at 4am, to listen, absorb and read Wayne Dyer’s book Inspiration. The section I read was about being in-spired. Then inspiration evolved from this nudge. I was given a message from this unique plate, by source.

I replaced FOCUS ST with FOCUS IT. 

So here is my inspired conclusion.  FOCUS IT. The IT represents I-T which is IN-TENSION.  IN= go inward.  TENSION= to relieve your tension. Therefore, when we focus our intention and go to our inner space, the inner flame of our heart, the heart flame, we can and will relieve our tension, our physical, emotional or mental tension.

Do you need simple tools to help with your ascension symptoms?

Video series.

The Escalating frequency effect and how to cope

Practical tools to relieve ascension symptoms and how to talk to your body to achieve balance.

  1. How to align your electromagnetic field
  2. Talk to your body and release pain
  3. Talk to the spine for flexibility
  4. Talk to the cells with sound vibrations

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