A Cosmic Dance is Born

Star Matrix smallJust at a time when the people upon our planet have gathered together globally to assist the aftermath of the December 2004 Tsunami, a dance of peace was born.  Our beloved earth was trying to balance and restore herself from the excesses humanity had created upon her surface.  We watch and pray as she sheds her skin, birthing contractions to birth the New Earth.  People across the globe are receiving guidance and following their respective paths, all doing their bit to help the earth’s shedding process to be less painful and less dramatic.  The guidance towards this work is stepped up at this time and new work is rapidly being born by many, all paths assisting in honor of each other. We are all encouraged to walk the path aligned uniquely for ourselves.

The Cosmic Dance of Peace is here to assist with energetically birthing the New Earth.  It is here to teach us about our connection to the Star Matrix and the new Crystal Matrix within our Earth. It will open you up to your own doorway to Greater Dimensional Universes, the doorway to the union of sacred relationship with yourself, your sacred feminine and sacred masculine.  This new level of frequency brought in from those assisting us across the Star Nations will ease the birthing pains as we guide our beloved earth into the next dimension.  A frequency of unity between the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine sent from the stars to be born in union within our earth and within each and every one of us.  We are each born with a soul matrix made up of many codes.  The Cosmic Dance of Peace is one of the many keys to help open the codes within each of us and holds keys to unlock the codes held within the earth, aiding towards the next shift for sacred alchemy and blessed union with All That Is.  The Cosmic Dance of Peace is designed to connect each of us through the Galactic Gateway, and connect us to multi-dimensions and other dimensional universes where the frequency of Divine Oneness resides.

It is here to bring peace to each of us and to create a resonance of Peace in every place it is danced.  The resonance of peace will strengthen as more people learn it and do it, like a daily prayer of the same words, strengthening as it is repeated, and repeated, creating waves of resonance of Peace throughout and across the planet and within each individual.

Cosmic Dance of Peace prepares the body by filling the heart and raising the vibrational field of the human body to a point of readiness to open the stellar doorway and connect to a portal that enables us to receive a stellar shower of love and peace.  Standing then as conductors between earth and sky the shower of love and peace is brought down to our beloved Earth and sent deep into the heart center connecting with the earth’s crystals and her Divine Core.

Copyright Amaliah Grace 2005