Each Soul at its creation is birthed in a unique form as a sound and light code. This code contains the sound frequencies and geometries of light from Source.  Each Soul Signature is unique because it is a specific arrangement of frequencies and geometries.  They create inner harmony.

It is an evolutionary tool and a gateway to higher consciousness.   Prior to entering into this lifetime in our life between lives, we chose under the guidance of a panel the percentage of our Soul that is to birth with us into this life. 

It is based upon our future role. This role, as we grow and develop through our current life, changes, and until we find our true Soul mission.

For example, we choose to come in with 37% of our soul’s essence and we have a lot of work to achieve to purify the old traumas and karma from other lifetimes. This purification process is required before we can carry and house a greater portion of our soul aspect.

If you have completed your purification and are keen to evolve to the next higher aspect of yourself, then you are ready for this upgrade that is offered here through the channel Amaliah Grace.

A Soul Signature is a collection of sound codes of light which open the Ka channels and neural pathways in the brain and body. these sounds have the ability to expand your connection to your Higher Self and your light body template.

When you listen to your unique Soul Signature sound code, it filters down from the place of Soul to be embedded into the Soul Matrix which resides within the central chamber of the heart chakra.

These sound codes are channelled through by Amaliah Grace and are professionally recorded and put onto a CD or sent via email as an mp3 sound file.   Information on how to work with them is included.


  • Triggers the Soul’s memory of its origins and can create rapid and synchronicity alignment with the Soul’s mission for this millennium.
  • Activates memory to access the Soul’s original gifts and Soul lineage.
  • Upgrades the physical body to imprint and activate the crystalline body template within the DNA.
  • Balances polar opposites and assists in the dissipation of duality to create a pure soul-to-heart connection.
  • Connects you to Source through the womb of creation to the purest form of love.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS POST – regarding receiving or listening to a Soul Signature Sound Code recording.


“The Ka body can be described as the vehicle in which the Higher Self descends into matter and in which the Higher Self and the body together ascend into the upper dimensions.  The Ka is defined in the Keys of Enoch as the “divine double.

Excerpt is taken from The Pleiadian Workbook – Awakening your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin.

  • Open the neural pathways, the Ka channels in the brain and body (also known as the axiatonal lines)
  • Initialise the Ka template where the Soul contract for this life resides. They are the soul and the body’s blueprint.
  • Assists healing the Central Nervous System and instigates cellular clearing.


A week before the first eclipse in 2009,  I was taken to the place where the soul’s geometries and glyphs reside.  I was shown vibrating three-dimensional golden glyphs and geometric shapes.  They were told that they were the energetic Signature of the Soul, filled with the light of Creation. The energy of pure love was with me as I floated back from being surrounded by them in space.  This energy stayed with me throughout the day.

I channelled in the first Soul Signature on the day of the first eclipse of 2009.  I connected to my friend’s Soul Star chakra, then connected to the Sirian Goddess who works her sounds through me and recorded them directly onto my computer.  The energetic astrological alignment of the day of the Eclipse assisted me to extend myself to the next level of receiving.

They are sound codes of light that open the Ka channels, the neural pathways in the brain and body and embed these codes into the Soul Matrix of the heart’s central chamber, the inner heart.


Channelled by Seonaid

“When a person receives their Soul Signature they literally begin to resonate at a cellular level with the higher vibration of their truth and the lower vibrational sounds incorporated into the human experience and physical body begin to dissipate.  A new kind of harmony is created that is clearer more centred and most importantly the silence is greater.”

“The integration of the Soul Signature allows the human to be more in-tune with the essence of their self, the Soul Essence for it triggers the memories of origins stored within each body’s DNA and physical and etheric makeup.  As these vibrations are triggered within humans, this truth is then triggered in others for the vibration of the soul is very pure in form and has the ability to create a higher harmony.  This is like the Template of Oneness.  It becomes easier for people to recognize when dissonance is being created and to remember to lift into a purer vibration, it becomes a tool in remembering, a tool for ascension.”    

Many thanks and blessings for this time.


Amaliah Grace


Contact me by email at amaliah@amaliahgrace.com sending a photograph of yourself and your full name with date and place of your birth.
Payment within Australia can be made either by bank transfer or at the online store.  If you live overseas payment by credit card through Pay Pal.
The sound codes are professionally recorded and put onto a CD or emailed to you as an mp3 file, with information on how to do the process.

Available as an mp3 file emailed to you. No postage is required. Cost $153



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I found my personal ‘Soul Signature’ recording, channeled by Amaliah Grace, to be most engaging and transforming.  I noticed each time I listened to my ‘Soul Signature’ I delved deeper into my core.  At first, I felt a huge joy and laughed and laughed, as memories of very special spiritual women from my childhood reverberated within me.  The next time I went deeper and experienced the energy, joy, and playfulness of the Devic Realms.  My 3rd time of listening was the most profound.  I was totally beyond my mind, floating, timelessly, amongst the stars in what seemed like a black void.

 I really feel engaging with my ‘Soul Signature’ has deepened my awareness and connection to my soul.

I sincerely recommend you to experience your own ‘Soul Signature’.

Jacqueline Scott  www.energyrebalancing.com