Light Language- soul language


The first time I heard the Language of Light spoken to me was in an Abdy session. Abdy is an Avatar who travels the world and touches and connects people who attend his sessions to have a direct experience with the Divine with Source.

The session starts with Abdy inviting each person who has attended the session, to come into the space when he gets the direction from Source. He then hugs you or touches you somewhere on your body whereby you get filled with the Divine and then are placed down on the floor for the rest of the session. You can also, when you feel ready, get up and assist others with their healing experience.

During this particular session I was releasing a lot of old sadness. I didn’t need to know what that sadness was but I knew if was from eons ago. I am clairsentient, so I experience these things through a deep knowing and sensing.

I had been intermittently sobbing for quite some time, when I felt a beautiful energy come and kneel beside me. She spoke to me in the Language of Light. As she spoke this language, I could feel the support and love of the Divine Mother and Mary Magdalene come through her.

She continued to speak to me in soft lilting tones; gentle words and these sounds touched a place so deeply within me that I understood what it was to experience the truth of coming HOME. Coming home to my Soul.

I had been experiencing the essence of Mary Magdalene with her return a few months previously and had felt her presence profoundly. It was so exquisite to have another person bring her essence through and give me the experience of being fully nurtured and cared for by another human being.

This brought upon another bout of sobbing and release, because the sensation of Mary Magdalene’s unconditional love was so pure, that it touched and triggered all the places within myself where I was carrying feelings of being unworthy to receive love.

I had heard of the term “speaking in tongues” which occurs in the Pentecostal Churches, however, this somehow felt different. It spoke directly to my heart and to my Soul. From then onwards, I knew it was important for me to be able to be the vehicle for this language. With this as my impetus I continued to clear myself and attend a weekly group meditation that was channelled through a well-know spiritual medium on the Gold Coast in Australia.

After six months of attending weekly meditations, I was feeling sounds wanting to burst forth. Finally I achieved my goal.

In the meditation this day, we journeyed to an etheric temple pyramid. Here we were given an initiation in the temples of Isis. Within the temple we were directed to drink the nectar of Isis, given to us by a priestess and then to drink from a cup of liquid given to us by a priest of Ra. With these two nectars within my being, I carried back with me an understanding of the Essence of my Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.

After the meditation, a woman came up and spoke with me and during our conversation she spoke in the Language of Light. Spontaneously energy pushed up from my belly and I responded to her in Soul Language.

What a celebration I had that day, for finally I had become a clear and balanced vessel for the Sirian Goddess I had been waiting for. I was now a channel for the Divine Feminine through the Language of Light, the Language of Soul.

The next four years became an amazing journey of discovery. I became aware that the Magdalene and my Sirian Goddess wished me to share this experience with others through giving talks and healings.

When invited to speak at Spiritual Churches on the Gold Coast, I talked about the return of the Goddess, the Magdalene Flame. I also spoke about Soul Language, the Language of Light and what it was here to do for us during this amazing evolutionary time.

Through demonstration, I showed the groups that everyone has the ability to speak their Soul language and learn to recognize their unique soul sounds and language. Then I guided them into a meditation where the essence of their Soul is aligned and brought down through their body to merge and expand with each chakra. Completing the downward journey by being anchored at the Earth Star chakra below the feet.

At that time, I was a Reconnective Healing TM Practitioner.  Reconnective healing is conducted in silence, so speaking in languages and singing ancient healing songs was not appropriate to use. Spirit was directing me to work in a new and different way.

In creating my new healing modality, I began using soul language, sounds and tones. Later ancient shamanic healing songs began to filter in. I understood that the songs triggered memory of different lifetimes and were very important for the clients healing, whilst the Language of Light touched and opened their hearts reminding them of HOME. All of these aspects shift the density of Karmic patterning thereby aligning the human with their Soul Self and their soul light, creating an intense healing environment for change.

My passion for the Language of Light, the Language of the Soul has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. As I engage in healing others, I also get to enjoy the exquisite vibrations of many Angels and my Sirian Goddess who channel through me. They vibrate at the frequency of light enabling blockages to be dissolved clearing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies on all levels.

Light Language written in Glyphs are Codes of Light which activate us when we are ready to absorb the information at an etheric and soul level.

The images below and at the top of this page are examples of Light Language in its written form.

Light Language in written form. Codes of Light.

As we move towards ONENESS and the shift of the Ages, the sounds and Language of Light supports us through times of personal growth and rapid transformation. I encourage you all to find your own unique sounds and language, bringing joy, spiritual upliftment and continued progress towards ONENESS.

Amaliah Grace
© Copyright 2010