A Lightbody Experience


 Email: amaliah@amaliahgrace.com

 Template Benefits

  • Assists with Lightbody Symptoms of giddiness, spaciness & flue like symptoms
  • Connects you to Source and the Universal Grid through the Diamond Matrix
  • Creates a strong Pillar of Light through your physical body
  • Connects you to the electromagnetic field to be  stable  during the 2012 shift 

Within this workshop you will learn to:

  • Connect to Diamond Consciousness and the geometries of the Flower of Life and Light
  • Align yourself to DIVINE WILL & INTENTION
  • Initiate the TEMPLATE OF ONENESS
  • Activate and use the TEMPLATE OF ONENESS as a vehicle of Light to stabilise your physical and spiritual bodies.
  • Learn how to generate a heart field creating deep connection to Mother Earth and the Cosmos in ONENESS with all things.
    blue_wings_earthAmaliah Grace is the guardian of the Template of Oneness.  She received it in a vision in 2004 and for the first time is offering it as a Workshop.Now in 2012 with the evolution and  high vibration of the planet, the climate is perfect to receive and  initialize this TEMPLATE OF ONENESS.
    It is time for many to receive this Sacred Geometric Light Body Template. For more information on the Template of Oneness, the Diamond of the Dove.  Click here