Soul line Clearing Course  

Two half day learning program with tools and a 30 day mentorship program.

Online Course @ Soul Academy.


Ascension Star Codes of Light Program

Nine week  sequential Online program @

  • Three programs Series A, B & C
  • Consists of nine visual art codes of light
  • Nine sound codes to download
  • Videos
  • Images to print.


 Singing Your Soul Sounds workshop  

  • Brings your Soul into alignment with your body
  • Experience a profound Meditation
  • Grounds your Soul Essence through your physical form
  • Embodies your Soul Vibration
  • Ignites your Soul sounds & language.

An afternoon or evening mini workshop for the Soul



Cosmic Dance of Peace Workshop

A weekend workshop based upon the Template of Oneness, the diamond of the Dove.

Become a vehicle for the flow of Divine love light from the Cosmos and anchor into Mother Earth.

Template of Oneness Training @ Amaliah’s Soul Academy.

Goddess Sound Streams

Join Amaliah’s community of like minded Spiritual light workers and be an anchor for the vibration of the Divine Feminine into the Earth.  Sign up for her Goddess Soundstreams.

Each person who connects with these sounds of the Goddess, streams  through them the Goddess Codes of Light into our beloved Earth.  

I thank you in advance for the service you bring to the Earth.

For WE ARE THE ONES WE ARE WAITING FOR. Know that each one of us hold the Codes for our Divinity within us.  We are emerging.

 These Goddess Sound Streams

  • Harmonize and Integrate the planetary downloads
  • Clear and break up emotional blockages
  • Create potential for profound healing in short bursts of sound

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