Soul line Clearing course

Ascension Star Codes of light

Mentor-ship Program-  Project Mission Universe

Online One-on-One coaching program assist you to become the channel you know you are to be. Link up via Skype each week in a directed program tailored to your special talents.

Choose between a 6 Week or 13 week program.  Payment options are available through PayPal.

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Singing Your Soul Sounds workshop

Template of Oneness workshop


Goddess Sound Streams

Join Amaliah’s community of like minded Spiritual light workers and be an anchor for the vibration of the Divine Feminine into the Earth.  

Each person who connects with these sounds of the Goddess, streams  through them the Goddess Codes of  Light into our beloved Earth.  

I thank you in advance for the service you bring to the Earth.

For WE ARE THE ONES WE ARE WAITING FOR. Know that each one of us hold the Codes for our Divinity within us.  We are emerging.

 These Goddess Sound Streams

  • Harmonize and Integrate the planetary downloads
  • Clear and break up emotional blockages
  • Create potential for profound healing in short bursts of sound

Soul Signatures, Soul Glyphs and Accelerator Art

One of Amaliah’s gifts is her connection to the Soul.  She has access to the Akasha and channels in personal Soul signatures as Sound codes of light and Glyphs as a 3D gold artwork.  Accelerator Art contains the language of light as codes of golden light.  Created for each person to assist movement and change on their journey.

For information  on Soul Signature Sound codes CLICK HERE

For information on Soul Glyphs CLICK HERE

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