11:11 Goddess Sound Stream – the time is NOW

A call to action from the Goddess.


Dear Ones,  Care gently for your body through this unprecedented time.  I ask you to consciously work with me each day through this Sound Stream.

Consciously breathe as you open to the energy hovering above your head and gently, again I repeat gently bring the energy down through your crown and down into your heart.  Please spend some time there to mix the energy in your heart and soul matrix.

When the sounds descend, gently direct the energy down through the rest of your body to feed your cells.  Then offer the vibration to my beloved  Earth.  Ground and anchor these new crystalline vibrations into the Earth through your connection to our beloved Gaia.

Channeled by Amaliah Grace

This months Sound Stream is very special.

The Goddess is inviting you to participate this month with focus and attention.  Yes the waves of energy coming through are beautiful and bountiful. However, our physical bodies need assistance to absorb the new and to stabilize.

Daily listen to this song and as you do the Goddess asks that you concentrate first above your head and gently, I repeat gently, bring the vibration down towards your heart center breathing in again gently.

When she sings the lower sounds she asks that you direct the vibration down towards the Earth and ground it through. This process is repeated several times.

Love flowing from the Goddess

Amaliah Grace

(C) Copyright.   You are welcome to copy and pass on this information. However you must include the message in its original form without any changes.  Please honor the messenger and the sounds given as a gift of love.