Rainbow Children

Can see the rainbows past the veil.

Cosmic Dance of 022
First published by SPHERES the spirit guide. Issue 9

Each day I have a date with the sunset.  Walking along Currumbin beachfront and around the corner.  I connect with and breathe in the last rays of the sun, as it drops towards the Gold Coast hinterland, bathing the hills in color.  After breathing in the color, I head back to my favorite spot on the waterfront and watch the color reflected in the sky. Then either sit and meditate or dance with the wind, connecting to the frequency of the moment.

This day I hesitated to take up my favorite position. A mother and small child were sitting beside my favorite spot on the sitting cubes to the right.  I hesitated because I enjoy the privacy of these moments and my meditation. However, I decided to quietly walk towards the central cube and sit paying no attention to them, my focus fully to the sea and the sky.

Suddenly a clear young voice said “Hello” so I turned towards him and said “Hello, how are you today” and then turned back towards the sea. There was a pink haze forming in an arc across the sky close to the horizon, the aftermath of the sunset.  Again the clear little voice said, “It’s a lovely rainbow isn’t it?”  I replied yes it is because I knew that the rainbows were there even though I was not seeing them that day.  I knew that for this beautiful blond cherub of a 3 yr old, the veil was lifted and he could see the beauty that for us is soon to arrive. 

I had experienced seeing that beauty in a ceremony with a Peruvian Shaman in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru recently.  The ceremony was to partake of the Sacred Medicine Wachuma, sometimes know as San Pedro and sit the night through. 

We gathered in a circle around a campfire with the snow on mountains nearby. It was a very cold night and frost gathered on those who lay down for the night. We covered ourselves with blankets and many layers of clothing to either sit, lie or stand through the night and experience whatever the sacred medicine brought for us. I saw multiple images of sacred geometry. The most wonderful thing was seeing all the stars connected by threads of light to each other and orbs of light hovering over us in the valley, all connected by streams of light to each other and the stars.
When the light of day came, I was still seeing streams of light, now rainbows on the sides of each facet of each mountain. These were not bows but straight streams of rainbow colors.  I continued to see this for most of that day and sometimes in the following days in Cusco under certain conditions.

The clear little voice again drew my attention he said to me “It’s a beautiful rainbow isn’t it”. Again I agreed with him, for I knew that they were indeed there and I rejoice the day when I can see the rainbows all the time without Sacred Medicine to lift the veil from my eyes.

Silently as I walked away I rejoiced in my heart for the Mother who allowed her little boy to know that the rainbows were indeed there that day and he could share them with me.  It reminded me of another little 4 yr old who puts his hands on his Mothers heart and says to her, “Mum your heart has got rainbow and Angel DNA in it”.

By Amaliah Grace

Copyright 2005

All Rights Reserved 2004