Do all people notice the affects of listening to their Soul Signature Sound Code? 

Yes in their own unique way, they recognise that something special connected with their Soul is occurring.  Depending on your intuitive gift; whether you see, hear, sense or feel information.  It may initiate a healing for you over the coming days as you continue to listen to your Soul Signature sound code.

One person was taken to their original star where she was shown she could speak to and receive from the ocean waters there.

Another felt she was taken to connect to Source.  Then more recently one woman found that one of the notes was her note, she found her Soul Sound and can sing it daily to raise her vibration.

Another very clairvoyant friend after listening, the next morning was taken to heal a very early past life where she had been a dragon.  So you see it depends what is needed for your next step along your journey.

It is very unique to you and you need to have no expectation on how or what will occur, but trust that you have accessed your Soul aspects for this lifetime.  It will gently lead you towards discovering what your role in the future or to honor more of who you are and your gifts now and to use them more consciously.

What would happen to someone if they listen to your signature, or I listened to their’s? 

Your Soul signature is unique to only you.  Nothing will happen listening to another persons or they to yours.  It will only fully resonate with you.  They may feel its high vibration.  It won’t affect them on any other level than the resonance of something special and unique to you.

I put a little bit of someones Soul Signature at the end of my video.  It will just sound like a whole lot of sounds to you because it is not for you. The same will be for you listening to another persons, you can’t absorb any of their attributes.

When you were gifted with the ability and knowledge were you given the information about why it was important for people to receive their souls signature?

All of the benefits that I describe in the video and on my website regarding Soul Signatures – go to my website to see them written down  – are reasons for having one created for you in this evolutionary time of the Shift of the Ages.

Those who feel called to do so are stepping into a new level with their missions, their purpose beyond 2012 where we each assist in the wave of change towards peace, love and harmony here on the planet.

By connecting to our Souls gifts; which the Soul Signature will help you bring them forward gently into the future; we are each contributing fully to our role in the matrix of the Earth’s evolution.

A Soul gift can be that you are wonderful with little children, or have a special ability to listen to others and allow them to be fully who they are.  People often think of gifts or talents as being an artist or musician or clairvoyant.  We all have a unique part to play and in finding that special part of ourselves will bring joy and happiness and contentment in being the whole of who we are both to others and to yourself.

Love flowing from the Goddess to you to become all of who you are.


Amaliah Grace