ASCENSION CODES – Evolving humanity

Evolving humans

Evolving humans

Do you feel in the deepest part of yourself that you are here to do or be more than what you currently are?

Do you know you have spiritual gifts yet to be uncovered and don’t know how to ignite them?

Humanity is being awakened on a grand scale and at times this creates much confusion for it is not understood by many and chaos occurs.  The energy of creation, demands that our world be love. To be in loving service to the whole, the Universe and multi-universes.


In these amazing evolutionary times where we are evolving to a time of no karma.  We are awakening to a new consciousness of being and releasing, clearing and letting go of volumes of ancient pain from our genetic lineage and spiritual lineage throughout thousands of years.  Many humans are feeling the effects in their hearts.  The affect of heart palpitations unrelated to heart problems, they are symptoms of the awakening process of becoming heart centered. These are known as Ascension symptoms. Others ascension symptoms are aching legs, massive pain in different parts of your body. Feeling that on waking, you have been run over by a bus with pain in your joints and muscles or flu-like symptoms that continue for long periods of time and don’t heal with antibiotics. As the Earth evolves and changes, so also are our physical bodies which need to be realigned with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.


We are each born with unique talents, gifts and signature of our Soul.

At our birth we arrive in already with a series of codes. The numbers of our birth date, our name and the significance of our astrological planetary alignment, connect us to the Cosmos and the planets and star systems.  All of these aspects are jam packed with codes of meaning waiting to be revealed.

These symbols and codes are already in place even before we begin to consider our DNA.  Scientists are now proving the potential held within our DNA. The “junk DNA” they previously believed to be of no interest, is being unveiled as unlimited human potential, connected to areas of our brain also waiting to be utilised. Most of our generation were born with two strands of DNA connected.  Now with the new crystal children and some of the Indigo children, it is known that they have more strands of their DNA connected. Science is able to see and prove the evolution of a new human.


What wondrous times we have chosen to arrive in. However, what we see on the surface is global political chaos and unrest.  The light illuminates the dark and all of this is being brought to the surface to be released and resolved. What is in reality occurring is humanity awakening on a grand soul level.

The DNA holds coding with letters and their number relationship to those letters.  Greg Braden in his book “The God Code” illustrates how the letters in our DNA, the vowels, when sounded repeatedly, sound the name of God. That within our very nature is our connection to the Source of Creation waiting to be illuminated within our consciousness.


Sacred geometry is the geometry of the Soul. Sacred Geometry and Numbers contain light which in itself sustains a mathematical coding system “symbols” that sustained the laws that form the building blocks of our Universe. These are delivered to us in blocks of information as light codes to be triggered when we are ready to receive them.

Light contains information and this information is downloaded to us through the coding contained with many different forms and symbols.

The vibration of symbols is great for they speak what simply words cannot express. They emanate subtle sound waves at a very high frequency. Tones of resonance sent through sound waves as instruments of light.  When placed together in some order or sequence create an aspect of the Universal Language of Light.

It is important to know and understand that these symbols or sounds of the Language of Light cannot be decoded through the use of the mental body, the mental mind. They can however be accessed through meditation and prayer, enabling the unlocking of Soul memory. Therefore decoding our ancient knowledge and wisdom, this process contains the potential for us to reconnect more fully to the God/Goddess self of our being and to become more of WHO WE TRULY ARE.


Enlightenment is becoming conscious. With this knowledge and understanding I am excited to offer you a next step in your spiritual development. Your DNA waits to be exposed to new possibilities, to be decoded.

Over a period of three years as a light language channel, I was guided to channel in Ascension sound codes and Art codes which have the potential to trigger the unlocking of these packets of light from within our cells.

This ascension program is called the Ascension Star Codes of Light. A program of nine codes experienced in a sequential order.  Designed and supported by the Galactic Federation who guided me through my journey experience with unveiling what I had previously never considered to be my role.

In this number one year which is symbolic of new beginning, new ideas and new and infinite possibilities, I welcome and invite you to the Ascension Star Codes of Light Program Series A, B and C.

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