A new way of Being

Are you experiencing a new sense of yourself? A being who is less able to function from your rational left brain? Do you find yourself less able to think sharply and work from an intellect that was previously so important to you? If you answer yes, then I have some wisdom to share with you for what you are now experiencing.
THE RETURN OF THE GREAT MOTHER – the feminine consciousness creating the Un-knowing. The more the vibration of the Great Mother returns to the planet and to and through those who are fully conscious of her vibration, the more we are moving into the great un-knowing. It is truly beautiful to be in the space of NO MIND. For when we are able to reach the state of “bliss” there is no mind, only the fullness of unconditional love.
We are being asked at present to move past believing in our previous conditioning and having concepts about anything. Knowing anything at all: for again when in “bliss” and an experience of unconditional love there is nothing in the mind except the purity and truth of this experience. So we are being asked to release attachments to the beliefs and patterns of our previous existence, for it is all, as they say “illusion” therefore a lie. When we consider it from this aspect, then our minds and thoughts lie to us at every moment, based on all that we have learnt and been taught previously. It really is an illusion of our own creation. We are wonderful magicians.
So if you are feeling scared that maybe you are having Altimeters or early aging, let go of this thought, this floundering and any struggle. Because it isn’t who you are. And it is all part of becoming a NEW EARTH BEING. To be in this exquisite vibration of “Pure Love” of the Mother, all needs to hold onto the human concepts of perfection and trying and to be perfect in the normal societies concepts is NOW irrelevant. We need to come to understand that this vibration is about “allowing” everything and if your mind struggles with it, then allow yourself to be with the deconstruction of your mental mind. For we are truly in the deconstruction of the old way of being and all that we have previously learnt will no longer be useful.
So I encourage us all to let go of trying to DO, let go of all “struggle” to BE-come. Fully BEING in the vibration of this love. The Cosmic Mother’s love is the fullness of BEING LOVE and allowing ourselves to BE in the fullness of that.So you may ask, then what about my physical body?Well I have news for you. It will become easier.


Our physical bodies are having to make very major changes. There is much written about the upgrading of our DNA. On the same level everyone of us are having upgrades to our physical bodies. The more we have ourselves enveloped with this new vibrational feminine frequency, (the holy spirit) the more we will start to acclimate. Both the body and mind will get used to having this vibration in the cells. At the moment as you merge with the new vibration, you may be feeling that you are unable to function through the day in any way other than very slowly. Over time your body will get used to it, the more you experience being in it, the more comfortable you will become with it.

This information is shared with you because I have been experiencing and witnessing this process for several years and initially had difficulty comprehending what was occurring, but now my body most of the time can cope with it. You see we will all come to this place, for we are all transforming together as ONE and along with the transformation of our beautiful planet. The NEW EARTH ENERGY that is building up at the energetic core of Gaia is getting very strong and full of LOVE.  Transformation is close.

We are preparing for the big shift. The planet and everything on it, will be vibrating at this rate of PURE LOVE.In conclusion, be kind to yourselves and take yourself often to bask and stay in the presence of this extremely beautiful vibration.  The GREAT MOTHER’S LOVE
Copyright Amaliah Grace 2015