Song of the Essence of Creation


For this current June Solstice of 2014 we are once more connected to Source through the portal of the a Cardinal Grand Cross galactic alignment. Another profound moment to connect fully through the void to Source. This Goddess Sound Stream contains the energy of the planetary alignment of 12.12. on the day of the 12.12.2012.  the energies for this June Solstice is aligned once again with the pureness I experienced in creating this song at that time.


In bringing through this special Soundstream for 12.12.12 and for the Solstice on the 21st Dec 2012, I was immediately taken through a Gateway to pause breathless in space and receive an exquisite vibration of pure essence from Source.  At this moment in time, pause and align yourself with the Galactic Portal and the Black Hole beyond.

This is a rare galactic alignment and as you read this email, the planets are lining up for this event which is often called Zero point.

When you align yourself at noon or midnight on the day of 12th December 2012 you have yet another amazing chance to imagine and feel yourself as completely whole. Prepare beforehand with an understanding of what next step you can take and place your intention to release any disharmony, distortions, resentment or lack of love you have of self or others and to surrender it all to the potential of your WHOLENESS, your wellness.  Feel the vitality of being alive at this amazing moment in time and embrace it with a full heart. 

For we are the ones we are waiting for.

Sit in the gap, the stillness and surrender with conscious creative intention to receive the essence of creation within this sacred window of time.

Enjoy this Sacred Goddess Sound Stream and I welcome feedback.

With love and many blessings,

Amaliah Grace