Children of the Stars Duo Pack



Children of the Stars Sacred Essence

 30 ml Essence bottle and Aura Spray

Star Essence


  • Balances children bringing joy & harmony
  • Creates a connection to the Stars & Earth
  • Clears mental static with waves of light
  • Creates a quiet mind for meditation
  • Focuses intention

Creation of the Sacred Essence channeled by Amaliah Grace

The Children of the Stars Essence was first conceived at the height of the Australian Spring Equinox 2009. In sacred ceremony in the early dawn light and elements of wind and air with a group of 20 people we honored the sun, the earth and the Cosmos.

The spring waters and crystals containing the sounds and songs was near mid day included in a special star meditation where I called in Star Beings whose role it is to support and connect with Mother Earth. The final aspect of the star essence creation was a week later in a moonlight ceremony, where nine Star Beings blessed the waters each with a sound of encoded vibrations from the star nation for the children of the Earth.

Directions for use. ADULTS Take 9 drops under the tongue when required. Close your eyes and connect with your inner breath.

CHILDREN Place 9 drops into drinking water. Add to their bath or spray their aura as often as required.


I use “Children of the Stars” on myself and my daughter who is a crystal/rainbow child.  When I first sprayed the essence into our field I was delighted to notice many orbs some orange-pink in color and some white dancing through the room. One particular orb with a beautiful Orange-pink hue danced in front of my daughter’s smiling face for several moments.

I immediately can feel the energy of the essence when I use it. I have also noticed that when used in the spray bottle the ‘mist’ seems to have a mind of it’s own, turning and sweeping through the air in the opposite direction it is sprayed:-)

My daughter responds to “Children of the Stars” essence by giggling and smiling or coming to center when she is out of sorts. The essence seems to bring a pure energy in after using a few drops in our bath my rambunctious 2 year old will snuggle and sleep or lie with me quietly watching the energy the essence brings.
Thank you, Amaliah Grace for this wonderful gift, I AM honored to feel and experience the energies of your beautiful essence in our home and lives.   Cory – USA

“When I first took the “Children of the Stars” essence as I closed my eyes I immediately saw stars flashes and points of light, I was very hyper in my brain when I started. I then received an overwhelming sense of relaxation and my brain has become calm and very relaxed.  I then saw a mountain, a peak and a sense of a mountain top and an inward upward motion, going up to the stars.”  The “Children of the Stars”  essence is about balance and connection.  I could feel my feet burning and a connection to the Earth.  My crown was pulsing at the same time as the feet.  I can feel the flow of connection between Earth & Stars.”    Dan – Coolum Beach Australia


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