Soul Essence Activation CD


  • A guided meditation to embody your Soul’s Essence.
  • Includes six tracks of Light Language.
  • Plus Song of the Cosmic Child, Song of Creation & a Blessing.


Soul Essence Activation Meditation CD

Channeled, Created & Sung by Amaliah Grace

Meditation Music by Jim Ottaway from his CD “First Light

Soul Essence Activation Meditation assists you in experiencing the essence of your Soul. Through utilizing this visualization meditation you are guided to imagine your soul essence as an orb of light.  Directing it down inside your physical body and merging the essence of Soul with your inner chakras to expand your inner light creating a large central pillar of light within.

Through this meditation you will begin to feel and to know the qualities that are all pervading and of Universal Truth.   It is specifically designed to assist you to make the shift into embracing your Soul language.  The language of light.   With repeated listening to this meditation and the following languages which float over you, a shift occurs, whereby you allow the rational analytical mind to take a back seat and your soul to come to the fore. When you start to speak your Soul Language, you lift your vibrations and frequency very quickly.  Reminding you of your “home origins.

Soul Essence Activation CD new

  • Connection to the Earth and the Cosmos
  • Activates the Soul and Anchors Soul into the physical body
  • Creates a Inner Pillar of light
  • Expands perceptions of your Inner Light
  • Connects and speaks to your Soul
  • Activates Ancient Healing Songs within your cellular memory
  • Creates healing through a deep level of peace

Sound has the ability to transform and reorganize cells.  Sound breaks up blockages and dissolve them.  When we find that sound, song and language that is uniquely ours, we connect to a powerful vibratory force which raises our vibrations to the highest level of being closest to the Source of Creation, inviting your light body template to fuse with your etheric body and physical body.

Amaliah Grace was assisted in the making and creating of this CD by the Stream of Feminine Consciousness, gifted with love by Quan Yin, the Magdalene Flame and her Sirian Goddess “The Enchanted One” whom she channels.


“I love the Soul Essence Activation meditation by Amaliah Grace, in which I experienced becoming the stars, moon and space, and all that is. Within this, my body was a small drop within all of it as other people’s bodies also were.
This was a profound experience that I still carry with me.
I felt my soul essence and now project that to the world not compromising it for anyone or anything, which is like letting my light shine. Be the true light that you are.
I enjoyed the mixing of the father and mother energy together in the space of the heart. I like connecting the earth and sky. All of the imagery took me to a place that has helped me evolve, and I thank you so very much for the offering.”

Buy this CD in a kit form with the Soul Essence Integration Essence or Mist. 


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