Template of Oneness Meditation tool



Template of Oneness


diamond dove template for flyers

Amaliah Grace has been gifted as guardian of a template to assist humanity with their ascension process.

The Diamond of the Dove, the Template of ONENESS is a vehicle towards coming into your light body and connecting to the new Christ Consciousness beyond 2012.

To be ready to receive the Template of ONENESS, you need to have surrendered your Ego Will and be in alignment with Divine Will. This is the key to initializing the template within your being and burning away the old template of Duality.

Upon surrendering to the Template of ONENESS the template of Duality is dissolved and the new template is activated and initialized.  A high frequency of Golden Light pours in to upgrade your physical form.  You receive a consciousness shift in your understanding of the role duality has played within your life and you are more able to function from a 5th Dimensional reality.  You will be able to resonate your actions and decisions from your heart-flames and allow the Divine to lead you.


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