Diamond Consciousness and the New Earth

As we move closer to the time of the Great Shift of 2012 and beyond, science has found that the Heart pulse of Mother Earth is changing.  The Earth is tilting on it’s axis and great change is upon us.  There is much speculation on what may occur when the earth’s Galactic centre slows to stillness.

The Galactic Centre emits an electromagnetic field essential for our human existence.  Our brains and hearts also emit an electromagnetic field.  The Heart’s electromagnetic field, when focused attention is breathed into it, with the intention of pure love,  emits an electromagnetic field 5,000 times larger than the field emitted by our brain.  This field is in the shape of a Torus and is all around the body.  In this instance our heart rhythm is harmonious.

In 2004 I was gifted to bring in the Template of Oneness, the Diamond of the Dove.

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In these coming times of change the TEMPLATE OF ONENESS is available to stabilize us.


To do this, place yourself inside the Greater Diamond of the template of ONENESS with the centre of the Diamond at your Heart level. Then focus on creating a stable central  line travelling down through the centre of your body from above your crown.  Passing through the Soul Matrix in the centre of your heart chakra and to continue down beyond the Earth Star Chakra into the Galatic Centre of Mother Earth.  With this energy line in place you are now connected between Sky and Earth.

Next simply breath in and out at the single point of light in your soul matrix of the heart centre.  Focus your attention on breathing LOVE into that ONE point and feel the electromagnetic field intensify and the FIELD OF LOVE expand.  The Template of Oneness begins to turn and spirals to the left creating an increasing spiral out to the Cosmos and down into Mother Earth.   More information on Activating the Heart Light

With the evolutionary upgrades and progress of the planet since 2004, where the template came in for clients in a one hour session.  Now it is available to be activated spontaneously upon meditation on the Template image.  Such is the consciousness and progression of the planet over the past seven years.  But there still is more.  We have much to achieve before the New Order of Spirituality and the New Earth is here.

More and more the Ancient Wisdom of the Star Beings is returning through many different Wayshowers.


Our hearts are the key to our stability and ability to create an electromagnetic field of LOVE.  It is essential that we move out of fear of the coming changes and keep the Heart Light full.  Stay present with one focus on LOVE at the Heart Centre. To hold the vision of the Earth moving through the changes completely in tack.  We manifest from our thoughts and images of the future.

The Law of Attraction is very clear and simple.   LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE – Energy flows where the attention goes.  Let us keep our hearts full of love and create a positive vision of the future beyond the Fears of Earths destruction.


Amaliah Grace

Copyright October 2011