Song of the Solstice


The Indigenous peoples of the world celebrate the turning of the Seasons. Especially at the time of the Winter Solstice or Summer Solstice. It is a time to honor Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama in the timing of this change of seasons and the path of the Sun shifting to either more daylight or more nightlight.

In my Song of the Solstice, the Goddess calls in the energies of the four directions and connects to the Cosmos and Mother Earth. In a commanding presence she speaks in the language of light you can feel her honoring the Sun and it’s pathway around the Earth. Honoring the Source that sustains our life force. She then sings to the Sun with a rhythm that feels like the beat of the drum, ending with a salute, a celebration of life.

To all my Facebook friends and light workers around the world, I am moved by your light and dedication to bring balance to our beloved planet when there is much upheaval across the world.

Difficult events occur around the world and on the news.  Let us have peace in our hearts and minds always.  It is our challenge as Light workers to stay present and connected to the light, to be witnesses to these events and to continue to stay with love in our hearts, breathing love to the world.

Join me in celebration for Gaia and the Solstice. I give you my Song of the Solstice to listen to. If you enjoy it, please leave a message and feedback below.

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In love and Light, Amaliah Grace

To Listen click play button below.

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