Spiritual Information on the changing times towards Ascension and the Great Shift of 2012.

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Annie’s bookshop in Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Twenty years ago if anyone had told me that I would have my book, my personal story of transformation sitting in a bookshop, I would have possibly laughed at them saying, “I’m not sure that I can achieve that!”   I did, however, have a germ of an idea to write and I engaged in a six-week creative writing course. One morning a week, for 6 weeks, we met and learned tools and approaches on how to write. Warm-up exercises that got the flow of words moving. Also each week we focused on one element and discovered words that described a taste or the sense of smell. This was surprisingly difficult.   I began writing the above book in 2010 and finished what I thought was the end of the story on New Year’s Eve entry into  2012.  But that was just the first overall text.  


At the beginning, I engaged a writing mentor to correct my writing and show me how to ground the spiritual text back into reality, so my writing didn’t just float off into space and lose the reader.  I am deeply grateful for Rose Allan and her continued guidance throughout my process. Rose resides locally and I found that the human physical guidance was so needed for my confidence to blossom.   Now there are many online courses offered, but I found it was essential for me to connect to someone physically. At every juncture along an authors journey, I believe we need other people mentoring us.   No I am not offering to be a writing mentor. I just offer these thoughts to inspire you if you have felt the pull to write a book and find that so many of your insecurities and self-imposed thoughts surfaced stopping you from even starting.  


Make a commitment to write your reflections for at least an hour each day. What you see or experience through your life. How to put them all together will come in later.

  • Write snippets of conversations you have with family and friends.
  • Write descriptions of places you like to visit – the beach, the mountains.
  • Write the things you like to do – have coffee in a cafe, ride a bike, dance or tai chi.
  • Write your feelings and relationships to ideas.
  • Just WRITE!

A new client found me through searching on Kindle for books on Light Language and after reading my story booked a Soul Signature sound code and ordered a CD.   Hi there Sigrid, I just want to acknowledge the courage you have stepped towards for your own development.   I asked her if she could write a review for me on Kindle. She responded that she had never written a review before, but would give it a go. Here is what Sigrid wrote.  


Excellent and extremely inspiring spiritual journal

I absolutely loved this book, just couldn’t put it down. I read it two times within one month. Most of all I loved that it is a real story, a personal journal of a woman awakening, with lots of beautiful detailed descriptions of Amaliah’s, the writers, spiritual experiences and development over a period of many years.

The book vividly describes her opening up to her spiritual gifts, her giving and receiving healing and making beautiful friendships and connections. But it is also a tale about going through challenges, for example, the separating from and letting go of her relationship with her husband and the process of acquiring and growing in self-confidence, healing and remembering past lives and the discovering of her mission here on earth.

The descriptions of the places she travels to are so lively you can imagine yourself there being part of it all…….