On May 3rd at 10:42 p.m. CDT in the United States, the Moon is full with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.

This Full Moon is know as the Wesak Full Moon and is considered the most powerful of all Full Moons. During this Full Moon the Christ, Buddha, and Planetary Hierarchy open a doorway for Divine Energy to flood Earth. It is an incredible time of blessing and opportunity to be of service.

Holy Master DK through Alice Bailey said “At the time of the Festival, there is opened a channel of communication between humanity and God, down which the love and wisdom of God Himself can pour to a waiting and needy world.”

At this time, great expansions of consciousness become possible which are not possible at other times.

In preparation for this auspicious time, it is beneficial to do purification and allow inner guidance to come through on your goals and projects for the coming year.

Just prior to and during the time of the Full Moon, it is beneficial to meditate alone or in a group.

As you go into meditation it is good to invoke for Divine blessings, assistance in more fully embodying your God Self, and lovingly fulfilling your sacred mission for this lifetime. 

Following meditation is a perfect time to bless your family, loved ones, friends, community, state, country, people who are having difficult times, troubled regions of the World, and Mother Earth.

It also is good to bless your goals and projects.
Love and blessings,

Amaliah Grace

Click on the player to add music to your  meditation with my blessings. Song “Call to the Light”

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