2012 Creating a new Earth Paradigm

Well here we are at the beginning of 2012 at this auspicious time spoken of and debated by so many.  A time believed by some to be the end of the world, an apocalypse.  Others believe that the end of the Mayan Calendar indicates the end of times as we know it and the beginning of the New Earth reality.   A quantum reality shift vibrating the planet into the 5th Dimension of LOVE and heralding in the Golden Age of Peace.

However, this date has been a pivotal focal point for millions of light workers around the globe for years. Who have diligently worked towards this time believing in the possibility of the Earth’s ascension.  They have assisted the planet by gathering together in groups large and small to consciously ground and anchor light  in to the grid and  our beloved Earth.

Through consistent meditation in sacred circles in their homes or at ancient power sites, light workers have quietly dreamed in the new reality; each time drawing us closer to manifest the New Earth.  Thank you, to the people of the Earth; thank you to all who believed that every moment counted.

What is understood by most is that we are going into a time which the planet has never been through previously and even with all the prophecies, we don’t really know what is about to occur.  There are no reference points.  There is however, the potential for vast greatness of creation of the new to come into harmony with the Gaia, Mother Earth.  For the people of the Earth to bring new inventions forward which work with the energy of the planet rather than stripping her of her rich resources.

So with all of this discussion, what is there for us as individuals to do?

  • DO nothing only BE in each moment.

  • Live in the NOW without expectation of outcomes

  • Hold oneself consciously in a state of LOVE.

  • Practice acts of kindness and gifts of love.

  • Resonate with and in the vibration of the 5th Dimension of LOVE.


    As Lightworkers we have several missions which change as we develop and change.  I feel the first and most important one is to hold light.


    This declaration was part of a Hopi Indian Prophecy and is often spoken by little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther. For more information visit:  http://www.littlegrandmother.net

    This is calling us to recognize, understand and accept the Divinity within ourselves and to move from density to light, to fully believe in our inherent connection to SOURCE and in ourselves as LIGHT BEARERS.  We are the essential part of the equation for planet Earth.  We are the conduits for the vibration of LIGHT to be anchored deep into our Earth’s core. Without humans, the Earth would not be transcending. 

    In the book “Power vs Force” David Hawkins tested and created a scale of vibration and consciousness from 0 to 700.  At the top level 500 and above is LOVE  up to 700 that being of an Ascended master.  At the bottom 35, is the vibration of guilt and shame.

    This scale of consciousness helped me to understand that when I was clearing my wounding issues (where I was unable to contribute to the world in the physical) I was moving up the scale into forgiveness and surrender contributing in a very big way.As each one of us is an integral part and as we raise our consciousness and become heart centered, we carry and anchor more light thereby bringing positive balance to the energies of the planet. 

    One person sitting in meditation and being in light balances thousands of humans who are going through their daily lives with negative thoughts.  One ascended master vibrating at 500 which is LOVE and above to 700 balances the negative vibration of millions.

    So every time you sit quietly and connect to your heart flames and up to the light and down into the earth, you are in service to the whole and this is the best mission of all.
    One of the hardest things for each of us to achieve on a daily basis is to stay in heart centeredness and not get caught up in the chaos, fear and negative occurrences of the world and our own negative patterning.

    My role as a Soul Healer through the sounds and ancient songs of the Goddess is to align humans to their Soul – so they can heal their Soul and follow their Soul’s path.  To pay attention and receive from your Soul is your empowerment. And can be achieved when you move beyond your Ego and surrender to your Soul and the Divinity within. When you follow a compulsion to do something without knowing why and build relationship with your Soul by following your intuition with all the small signals and synchronicity, you begin to realize there is a Divine plan in action.

    May the light and love from the Goddess shine for you always. 

    Amaliah Grace

    Copyright (C) Amaliah Grace.  You may pass this information onward but you must retain all the information in it’s original form giving honor to the writer.  With thanks and love, Amaliah Grace.