Are you waiting for your mission?


When I was first told by a psychic that I would be a Spirit medium or a channel, I was so surprised I felt like I did a double backwards somersault and it was weeks before I centred again from hearing this information.

But I set out to find out what being a Medium was all about and attended a weekend workshop on medium-ship.  

I learnt there are full trance and semi-trance medium-ship and several other variations in between and was able to see the teacher – Doug Osbourne gave a demonstration of full trance medium-ship with his Spirit Guide, Black Hawk at a Spiritual Church on a Sunday evening gathering.

This experience was memorable, as I watched him transform into a different body stance and channel through him a completely different voice and entity.  Doug Osbourne and Black Hawk wrote a book together called the ‘Return of the Rainbow Warrior.’  Later in a personal session with Doug, I was told that I am a rainbow warrior; one of the ones who are here to prepare the way for the future of the planet.  We are the Wayshowers for the next generation of leaders.

Fifteen years later after a lot of personal spiritual development, I became the channel that was predicted; but in a way that surpassed my understanding of possibility or dreaming.

At that time the return of the Goddess was unknown.  We were still getting in touch with our Higher Selves.  Whereas now we are getting into alignment with our Soul and our mission for this time frame.  Many are being prepared for the New Earth.  There is a timing for all – Spirit time.   Are you one of the next group to take our planet forward?

So I ask you these questions.

1.  Are you waiting to fulfil your mission?

2.  Are you to be one of the next Spirit messengers for the evolution of the planet?

If your answer is yes, then you may be interested in my mentorship program.

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